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  • My Experience With My Family Members

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    Some believe that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. I never really believed it until I started looking at who I really was, and who those who surround me are. I realized just how alike I was to my family members, and not because of how much we look alike, but because of how similar our beliefs and attitudes are. Each and every one of them has been like a teacher to me, and I can attribute my best, and worst qualities to them. My family members have been the mold that has

  • The Life Of Lise Meitner

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    The Life of Lise Meitner In the beginning of the life of one of the most significant female scientist to date, there was obscurity. Born in Vienna, Austria on November 7th of 1878 during turmoil of war and persecution that would seem to not cease throughout her life, she was bound to surpass her limitations as a necessity to prosper the scientific status. Born the third child out of eight in a Jewish family, she still was not one to go unnoticed or to be persuaded, as a strong minded individual tends

  • The Role Of Reflective Practice For A Teacher

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    The GTCNI Competence Framework (2007:10) cites the work of Sharpe (2004) who states that, Professional knowledge is no longer viewed as just consisting of a standardised, explicit and fixed knowledge base. It is now seen as knowledge which exists in use, is ethical in its use and is changed by experience. Critically discuss the role of reflective practice in supporting this assertion. The GTCNI have argued that, “Professional knowledge, by its very nature, is organic and, to an extent, evolutionary

  • The Analysis : Malala Yousafzai, The Eldest Of Three, And The Only Girl

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    education however her stance quickly endangered her life as the Taliban had taken control of her valley. They had banned girls from attending school, but Malala insisted on attending and raising awareness by participating in interviews, writing diaries and giving speeches. In October of 2012, Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban while traveling on her school bus. This horrific attack made international headlines and brought her story to the masses. Malala Yousafzai is a hero because she selflessly

  • High Education Issue Paper : Higher Education

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    some institutions have had to change their practices while others have challenged their state’s regulations all together. Many have speculated that state funding may never return to its former highs. Rather than make an enemy of the state, some schools have discovered new and unconvential ways of raising funds for their institution. Introduction From inception, public institutions have been primarily funded by the state they reside in. In the last couple of decades state funding

  • My Views On Education And Education

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    norm and not to think outside the box. My position is supported by Socrates in Plato 's The Republic and Aristotle in his Nicomachean Ethics, Book II. Because students waste too much time on testing, education should not be compulsory. First of all school should be voluntary. Socrates states that bodily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm to the body; but knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.” (536e) Socrates believed that a compulsory education does not work

  • The Role Of Becoming A Teacher Leader

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    Every year college graduates walk across the stage, receive their diploma, and enter the job market looking for a teaching position. These future teachers desire nothing less than making a change, impacting lives, and serving as a role model for students. However, what happens when after a few years, that same hopeful graduate now finds himself or herself burned out and despising their career choice? To revitalize that same youthful energy upon entering the teaching profession, could becoming

  • The Best Education System Of The World

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    children are receiving a superior education. France, while not as widely known as Japan or the United States, continues to fight to become the best education system in the world. In hopes to achieve this objective, French educators have allowed their schools to become a very competitive and goal-oriented environment. Furthermore, much emphasis has been placed on finding highly qualified teachers and identifying ways to improve education such as revising the scheduling of class time. When it comes to

  • My Uncle Not Worked For The U.s. Embassy

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    social mobility, and with this in mind, I asked my relatives a series of questions regarding their schooling experience. I asked them the following questions: what were some hardships you faced during your schooling experience (elementary, middle, high school, college), do you feel like you got the most out of your education, if you could change something about your past education, what would you change, would better schooling have made a difference, and do you feel like you’ve achieved the California

  • Multicultural Education And Social Justice Education

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    especially those who are of color, poor, female, or have disabilities." (Pg: 50) While the social justice education does build on the other approaches to Multicultural Education, it stands apart in four major ways. 1. Democracy is actively participated in schools 2. Students learn how to analyze institutional inequality in their own life circumstances 3. Students learn to engage in social action so they can change unfair social processes. 4. Bridges are built between various oppressed groups. (Pg: 50-51) Each