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  • Nursing Care Plan

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    Nursing Diagnosis # 1 Ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased oxygen saturation, poor tissue perfusion, obesity, decreased air entry to bases of both lungs, gout and arthritic pain, decreased cardiac output, disease process of COPD, and stress as evidenced by shortness of breath, BMI > 30 abnormal breathing patterns (rapid, shallow breathing), abnormal skin colour (slightly purplish), excessive diaphoresis, nasal flaring and use of accessory muscles, statement of joint pain, oxygen

  • Nursing Care

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    the trunk. P.R. requires total assistance for all activities of daily living, and is incontinent of both bowel and bladder function. He speaks primarily Spanish and cannot communicate in English. He is verbally abusive and becomes combative with care givers. He does not have family support in America and is having difficulty adapting to American foods. P.R. has

  • Nursing Care Concepts

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    Define and Describe the Key Concepts of Care. This essay covers the Key concepts of care. In 2013 the Francis report highlighted the need for student nurses to test and experience their values and levels of care and compassion, and whilst it is seen that the failures highlighted in the report go further than a lost compassion of nursing, this exercise is to look at the key concepts of care and the principles of the 6 Cs (Care, Compassion, Courage, Communication, Competence and Commitment) which have

  • Nursing Is The Profession Of Care

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    The history of mankind shows, from its beginnings, that human beings need care to survive, to live with health, happiness and well being, and to cure in disease situations. Care has been the subject of study of philosophers, historians, and anthropologists, but, in my view, nursing is the profession of care, and it has produced more knowledge to support the various dimensions of care. For me, the nursing care is to promote life, the life potential, the welfare of human beings in their individuality

  • The Continuity Of Nursing Care

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    enhances the continuity of nursing care through listing specific nursing action necessary to achieve the goals of care. CRITICAL EVALUATION Leadership and leadership style Personal life I have been able to influence the behaviours of other especially in my home in order to achieve my family’s members task and objective by employing a democratic style of leadership. I do not over manager or under-manage my family or personal affairs but have struck a balance towards doing that. One must

  • The Nursing Model Of The Nursing Care Model

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    The Nursing Care Model that I have seen demonstrated would be the Primary Care Nurse Model. Consequently, after graduating from nursing school and I had gone to work in the High-Risk Labor and Delivery unit at a local hospital. I had experienced teamwork all thru nursing school but this would be a new concept for me. The charge nurse would assign patients to you in nursing report and you usually had one patient that would be in early labor and then one further along in labor. As the Primary Care Nurse

  • Nursing: Nursing Diagnosis Application To Care Planning

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    4 NURSING DIAGNOSIS The practice of nursing involves the provision of comprehensive nursing care to clients based on knowledge from biological, physical and social sciences. Integral to the practice of nursing is the nursing process, an activity that facilitates the nurse's interaction with clients in an effort to assist the clients to maintain and restore health. A nursing diagnosis is a statement that describes the client's actual or potential responses to a health problem that the nurse

  • Dignity and Nursing Care

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    underpins their care.” (Fenton and Mitchell, 2002) Dignity is a core element of nursing care. In nurses' clinical practice, maintaining the dignity of patients is an important issue because a lack of dignity in care can affect the health and recovery of patients. To treat a patient with dignity is to treat them in a way that shows they are valued and important, in a way that is appropriate and respectful to the individual. A patient needs to feel safe and secure in the nurses care and should be made

  • Essay on Nursing Care Plan

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    Introduction: A nursing diagnosis identifies an actual or potential response of a patient to a health problem (Jones 2009). Nursing diagnoses are important because they provide the foundation for the selection of nursing interventions (Walton 2008). This care plan is the concluding half to the initial care plan that identified nursing diagnoses and goals with the aim of promoting the holistic wellbeing, mental health, and independence of a 68 year old Mr. Bertoli who has returned home from hospital

  • Nursing Shortage And Provision Of Safe Nursing Care

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    The nursing shortage and provision of safe nursing care is a significant problem in all countries, and it affects nurses in all practice areas ranging from the bedside nurse to the boardroom. Inadequate nurse staffing levels by experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) is linked to poor health outcomes and higher costs. The reductions in nursing budgets, combined with the challenges presented by a growing nursing shortage has resulted in fewer bedside nurses working longer hours and care for high acuity