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  • Nursing : The Philosophy And Philosophy Of Nursing

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    Philosophy of Nursing Heather White Chattahoochee Technical College PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING Nursing as a profession encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities. The possible definition of nursing would vary greatly depending on who was being asked and their knowledge and past experience with nursing care. As the nursing profession has evolved throughout the years, so too has the definition. “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of

  • Nursing Philosophy Of Nursing

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    Introduction As a nursing student in the BSN program at West Coast University, I have discovered my skills and knowledge to prepare myself on how to be an efficient nurse as well as a nurse that truly cares for the best quality of care given to a patient. I have found some good qualities and insight in the paradigms to a philosophy of caring as a nurse. In this paper I will discuss the four paradigms of nursing which includes: Health, Nursing, Client/Person, and Environment. As a nurse, one must

  • Philosophy of Nursing

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    Philosophy of Nursing Alicia Hanford Elms College Philosophy of Nursing I remember at a young age telling my mother that I wanted to be a nurse just like her, she told me to choose a different path. Her response surprised me but did not stop me from pursuing my dream. I am passionate about being a nurse and what that role means. With recent frustrations with others in this profession I finally understood why my mother told me to choose a different path. I have always believed that being

  • Nursing Philosophy

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    Nursing philosophy “identifies what is believed to be the basic or central phenomena of the discipline, relates nursing to a particular world view, and provides some information on how one may come to learn about the world”. (p. 13, Salsberry, 2008). My personal philosophy of nursing evolved over the years and includes my observations, beliefs, thoughts, and practices. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personal philosophy of nursing and the personal and professional experiences that have

  • Nursing Philosophy

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    Philosophy of nursing is an occupation consisting of professional individuals that exhibit and express compassion, respect, dignity and integrity to their patients and fellow coworkers. Nursing is not just a career, it is intertwined in the way we think, make decisions and prioritize values. As a nurse, it is important to me to provide the highest quality nursing care possible to achieve excellence in patient outcomes, while simultaneously, providing a respectful healing environment and work with

  • Nursing : My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Nursing

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    A nursing philosophy is the thoughts and beliefs about the job of a nurse based on one’s values. My values that have formed over the years have influenced me to purse a forever career as a nurse. I grew up in a small town Smithfield, Pennsylvania with my parents and younger brother. My community consisted of close relationships between the residents. Every one helped and cared for one another when needed. The practices of my community guided me to want to become a nurse. I want to continue to care

  • Nursing Philosophy : My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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    My Philosophy of Nursing My personal philosophy of nursing began at an early age watching my mother volunteer for 25 years on the local rescue squad, following in the footsteps of her mother. I learned that helping others in a time of need should always be a priority. Respect and dignity should always be shown to people, no matter the who they are or where they are from. I have and will continue to show compassion for others while administering professional holistic care, guided by the American

  • Philosophy of Nursing

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    Philosophy of Nursing The environment in which the patients are in plays a big role in their healing process. Florence Nightingale founded her nursing theory and philosophy on enhancing environmental factors to improve the patients overall health, healing and well-being. Nightingale's attention to environment has added significance to the role environmental conditions play in human health status (Shaner, 2006). In Nightingale’s book, Notes of Nursing, she reflects on how air and water quality

  • My Nursing Philosophy, And My Philosophy Of Nursing

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    this reason, what follows is the first take of my own personal nursing philosophy, one that is not only prone to change but will enact an evolving bidirectional influence on my nursing practice, that is, as my practice changes, so will my philosophy, and vice versa. The four parts of the metaparadigm of nursing are person, environment, health, and nursing. Each of these areas requires special attention before a full nursing philosophy can be formed. To me, a person is anyone with the biological construction

  • Nursing Philosophy

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    T. Houston Philosophy of Nursing Toi Houston The University of Texas School of Nursing In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Professional Nursing A & B NURS 3645 Jeanean Boyd, MSN, RN June 6, 2011 Online RN-BSN Nursing is a profession that is very complicated and complex. It is exciting and has so many levels to it that one can actually never get bored with it. Most times when people think about nursing they only think about someone who adjusts