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  • Nursing Research

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    LANDMARKS AFFECTING NURSING RESEARCH YEAR EVENT | 1859 Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing published | 1900 American Nursing Journal begins publication | 1923 Columbia University establishes first doctoral program for nurses | Goldmark Report with recommendations for nursing education published | 1930s American Journal of Nursing publishes clinical cases studies | 1948 Brown publishes report on inadequacies of nursing education | 1952 The journal Nursing Research begins publication |

  • Nursing research.

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    to both qualitative and quantitative research. However the framework will not be used as a definitive checklist. In this assignment the first article that will be discussed is a qualitative piece of research by Simons J., Franck L. &Roberson E (2001). Titled : Parent involvement in children's pain

  • Importance And Importance Of Nursing Research In Nursing

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    Importance of Nursing Research in Nursing Profession Nursing research is a fundamental component to the health care field. Nursing research helps implement new changes in the lifelong care of individuals and is used to develop treatments that provide the most optimum level of care in health care system. Nursing research focuses on developing and promoting high levels of standers in the following areas: high quality management of patients during long term cases, developing advancements that aid patients

  • Critiquing nursing research

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    Through the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of professional conduct (NMC, 2004) nurses supply high standards of care to patients and clients. One code nurses adhere to is clause 6 which pronounces nurses must maintain professional knowledge and competence, have a responsibility to deliver care based on current evidence, best practice and validated research (NMC, 2004). Validated research involves critiquing and acquiring the skills of synthesis and critical analysis, this enables nurses

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    INTRODUCTIONThe objective of the following assignment is to analyse and critique a chosen research article, using a particular critical framework as guidance the student will critique and justify the article's relevance and current nursing pratice. Nursing research will briefly be defined and its importance and how it plays an essential part in nursing pratice will be explained. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC) Code of Professional Conduct (NMC, 2005) regarding safeguarding

  • Nursing Research On Pyromania

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    century is appalling (Grant, Odlaug, & Kim, 2007). Nurses must advocate for the research to be done on medications which may help those who suffer from pyromania and other impulse control disorders, to manage the symptoms of these disorders (Huff, 2014). Nurses ought to also advocate for continuing research into the etiology of the disorder, so that there can be a better understanding about

  • A Research On Nursing Success

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    Nursing Success Imagine that a year old little boy comes into the emergency room. He had been in a car accident and was losing a lot of blood. He needs a blood transfusion to help save his life. I know without it he is going to die. Once I talk to his family, I realize I am not going to be able to save him because, due to religious beliefs, he is unable to receive a blood transfusion. I now have to decide how to proceed. It is unethical to go against religious beliefs without consent, but I also

  • Nursing Research in the Nicu

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    provided, this author is unable to identify the expressed interest of the researcher. 1c.) The depth of understanding of the topic on the author’s part is evident throughout the research study. 1d.) The researcher is seeking information regarding the process of maternal development in four domains in this research study. They include: focus, ownership, caregiving, and voice. The results in the focus domain showed that initially a mother with an infant in the NICU is focused on the technology

  • The Theory Of Nursing Research

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    In today’s nursing profession, there is an emphasis on providing the best quality of care through evidence-based research. Nursing research provides the foundation for professional nursing practice (Fawcett, & Garity, 2009). Research, theory, and practice are interrelated. Through practice, questions arise challenging prevailing theories. This produces new theories. Theories guide nursing research. Evidence gathered through nursing research generates new nursing knowledge for practice. Therefore

  • Nursing Research: Current And Future Nursing Practice

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    Running head: NURSING RESEARCH 1 Nursing Research Jini C Soosamma Georgia State University Nursing Research N3490 Dr.Tanya Benjamin-Wilson, DHSc, MPH, CHES, RN, APHN-BC. June 22, 2016 NURSING RESEARCH 3 NURSING RESEARCH 2 Nursing Research Nursing research is a promising aspect of the nursing profession as it has a large influence on current and future nursing practice.It provides evidence-based care that promotes quality health care outcomes. Even though nurses play different roles in various