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  • The Alegorical Nature of O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman to the Journey of Abraham Lincoln

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    Explication of “O Captain! My Captain!” “O Captain! My Captain!” is one of the most popular poems ever written by Walt Whitman. Upon the initial reading of this poem, one may perceive the poem to be about a loyal captain who leads his crew on a treacherous, but successful, voyage which ends in devastation. If interpreted literally this is the poem’s only meaning, but for those who look further there is an underlying story behind the words of Whitman. Whitman uses multiple literary elements throughout

  • O Captain My Captain Summary

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    views led him to idolize Abraham Lincoln. “O Captain, My Captain!” was written by Whitman shortly after Lincoln’s death. “In O Captain, My Captain!”, Whitman uses the poem as an elegy to honor Lincoln’s passing and achievements, and document Whitman’s personal reaction to his death. The first signs of the theme are found in the first stanza. The first stanza starts off with a relived tone and sets the mood for the poem. The poet is exulting to “my Captain!” that the “fearful trip is done”. In the

  • O Captain My Captain Poem

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    Few poems are more well known by Americans other than “O Captain! My Captain!,” especially after the dramatic scene in A Dead Poets Society in which students stand on their desk and profess “O Captain! My Captain!” to protest the decision the headmaster makes to fire their professor. Its basic metaphors can be easily understood by the masses, and it clearly conveys ideas shared by many across the country at the end of the Civil War. However, at a closer inspection, the poem reveals a deeper connection

  • O Captain, My Captain And Shiloh: A Requiem

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    poems “O Captain, My Captain” and “Shiloh: A Requiem” many literary aspects are used. Some of these include repetition, imagery, extended metaphors, and personification. Although the poems “O Captain, My Captain” and “Shiloh: A Requiem” have very different literary elements, they have some in common as well. There are many similarities to compare in the poems “O Captain, My Captain” and “Shiloh: A Requiem”. One similarity is that both poems clearly use repetition throughout them. In the poem “O Captain

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' O Captain ! My Captain '

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    Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain!” was written about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln which gives the poem a strong sense of historical context. The context of the poem gives it the emotional connection and remembrance that so many Americans know and honor each year. When it comes to remembering and honoring him, Walt Whitman was a very good poet that wrote very good poems about Lincoln. Walt Whitman was alive when Abe was assassinated so that gives Whitman a real time view of the effects of

  • O Captain My Captain Poem Essay

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    affected the society can inflect a person's emotions. )One way to by writing any huh) The two poems “In memory of W.B Yeats” by Wystan Hugh Auden and “O' Captain My, Captain”, by Walt Whitman, both mourns the death of a loved on. “In memory of W.B Yeats” is written about an Irish poet named Walter Butler that died in a hotel room, while “O'Captain My, Captain” is about Abraham Lincoln who was assassinated on Friday, April 14, 1895. The poem by Auden was written in 1940, a year after the poet W.B died,

  • Vigil Strange I Kept On The Field One Night Analysis

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    attitude, tone and message. In the book On the Rainy River O’Brien expresses his thoughts about going to war. “At some point in mid-July I began thinking seriously about Canada. The border lay a few hundred miles north, and eight hour drive. Both my conscience and my instincts were telling me to make a break for it, just take off and run like hell and never stop” (O'Brien 173). Tim’s tone of anger shows he is against going to war, saying that he was close to making a break for Canada. Tim O’Brien’s writing

  • Meaning Of Walt Whitman's O Captain ! My Captain ! '

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    Meaning Of Walt Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain!” Abraham Lincoln was the United States’ 16th president and many people believe he is one of the most inspirational American figures in history. One man who was specifically affected by this was Walt Whitman. In the poem “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman, Whitman shares the meaning of how people were affected by this tragedy. The American People were overjoyed because the Civil War had finally ended, but then saddened by the immediate loss

  • The Poem O Captain my Captain by Walt Whitman

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    The poem, "o captain my captain" by Walt Whitman re-imagines the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Walt Whitman, has a patriotic attitude towards this poem as he describes Abraham Lincoln and all that he did for America by using imagery to develop a scene similar to the reality. The poet conveys his deep admiration for the achievements of Abraham Lincoln. The poet shares his form by using a physical way of laying out and her attitude through the use of sound devices such as the iambic meter and

  • Walt Whitman's Poem O Captain My Captain

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    is seen in Walt Whitman’s poem “O Captain! My Captain!” “O Captain! My Captain!” was written to express the deep American sadness of losing president Abraham Lincoln. The first stanza is happy and exciting, as the American people are celebrating the end of the war, but then in the final stanza the tone shifts dismally to the allusion of the death of Lincoln. Whitman repeats “O Captain! My Captain!” to add emphasis on how Lincoln was a literal and metaphorical captain to him and the rest of the Union