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  • Death Is Inevitable And Death

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    behind. There is grief and a ton of planning involved which only leads to extra stress. One of the most important parts of the death ritual is for most people the obituary. When looking at obituaries and the styles and formats that they are in, you can compare and contrast the traditions and values of both newspaper and memorial website obituaries. Like mentioned before, death is inevitable and death is also a heartache and disaster for the loved ones left behind. Not only do your loved ones have to grieve

  • The Value Of Obituaries

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    Obituaries states a person’s life by profiling their grand events and contributions. Yet, they lack the emotional connection that demonstrates who the deceased truly was while living. The obituaries tell a story, giving the deceased’s loved ones the final act of life – closure. Does the description of the dead describe who they were in person? Obituaries offer hope towards life, giving an individual’s loved ones a piece of remembrance. This serves as an act of peace and an understanding of life.

  • Obituary Assignment

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    When the class was told that we would have an obituary assignment, I thought it would be really interesting to do because when do you ever think to write your own obituary? I understand that writing the obituary would make it more surreal, that one day our life will come to an end. I remember you telling the class to try to put a picture of ourselves on our obituary to make us believe it really happened, so that’s what I did. I can say that after this assignment, it did make me think more about how

  • Anne Obituary

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    Below is Nelson’s first draft of Anne obituary, which he first wrote on December 30, 2008. Anne Lefkowitz Blachman was born in 1919 in the Bronx but moved within a couple of years to Coney Island, Brooklyn, new York. She spoke only Yiddish till she entered kindergarten. After graduation from Brooklyn College with a specialization in economics, she went to work in Washington in the Office of Price Administration as a computrix, regulating prices and issuing ration cards for foods, gasoline, and

  • Homer's Obituary

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    Homer - obituary Homer is remembered as one of the greatest individuals to have ever lived and the present day society contains a great deal of concepts that he discussed. His poems have served as inspiration for many individuals who succeeded him and continue to trigger intense feelings in people who come across them. Although the time period that he lived in made it difficult for historians to get actively involved in discussing his life, there are numerous accounts regarding the man's existence

  • Three Obituaries Analysis

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    For this assignment I looked at three obituaries of William Averon Lawrence, Fredrick and Yonne Spriesch. When looking at the three obitatruies I noticed the different length of reading pieces for each person. Both Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Spriesch have detailed tributes that talk about their family members and where the funeral would be taking place. For Fredrick obituary, they don’t mention his last name and they brief mention his wife and having a private funeral for the family only. In Yonne article

  • Sexism In The Obituaries Of Women

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    I found a very interesting article from The Guardian newspaper, which was written by a woman that I have found other interesting articles from. Jessica Valenti wrote an article titled, “Obituaries show that sexism follows women to the grave”. Now, at first I thought that this was a strange and somewhat morbid idea for an article. Upon further reading, however, I found that the story held a lot of meaning and importance in today’s society. Valenti starts off the article with saying that if you are

  • Ezekiel's Obituary

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    On March fifteenth Ezekiel’s parents died of an unknown cause. He was heartbroken, but soon his happiness returned when he received all of his parents inheritance plus a mansion that was already payed off. He was always waited on by a butler and his own cook. When he had gone to New York a man offered him a job. Ezekiel was stunned someone would ever offer him! a job, he looked at the man and said,” Sir, I have loads of money, a mansion I don’t have to pay for, a butler, and my own personal chef

  • Obituary For Cupid

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    Name of Character: Cupid (The God of desire) Age of character:22 Years old Hobbies: Considering the fact that I look like a baby, I love playing with toys. One toy that I love playing around with is my bow and arrow I love to shoot it at people. Occasionally I do feel lonely, but when I shoot my arrow it makes me happy as I feel love in the air.I also like my mother and like to keep her happy, I guess that’s why everyone says i’m quite the charm as ever girl likes me and things i’m lovely. Something

  • Fadi Estifan Obituary

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    I don’t know how to tell you this but apparently, I passed away somehow. SO let’s start this Obituary. Fadi Estifan, a professional Civil Engineer with over 20 years of experience and a long resident of California, died unexpectedly at night while he was laying down on the lawn of Griffith Park looking over the LA skyline. Fadi left his wife, son, and daughter with a lot of junk that they have no idea what to do with. So if you are looking for some office goods and supplies just wait some time and