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  • Is Fitness An Obsession?

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    Is fitness an obsession? Many would say yes, but here is the real question. Is the strive for health and fitness a bad obsession to have? In a personal interview with a Jorge Mendoza, who frequents the gym many times per week and also keeps a strict meal plan, how he would define an obsession. Mendoza’s answer was a simple “too much.” The word obsession has such a negative connotation that even if paired with a word as positive as fitness the negativity is still overpowering. Fitness is a wonderful

  • Addiction Vs. Obsession : Addiction Versus Obsession

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    Addiction vs. Obsession In the reality TV show “My Strange Addiction,” participants are brought on to showcase how their “addictions” impact their everyday lives. These participants open themselves up to display to the viewers what it is like to live with their bizarre inclinations. Once, the participants display their “strange addiction,” they will go to a physician to see how they can change their habits. Some participants “addictions” may be weird, but nonetheless, harmless. Examples would be:

  • Teenagers: Obsessed with Obsession

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    Obsessed with Obsession As the child-like desire to be admired becomes a general consensus for modern day teens, the world begins to see the vein nature that is becoming of its future generation. Teenagers today care more for followers and favorites than true family and friends. Allowing their obsession to be obsessed about by others take over their lives, solely to get a temporary fix of attention in the form of 'favorites' by screaming out in a toddler like fashion 'Look at me daddy, look what

  • Theme Of Obsession In Macbeth

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    Obsession is the result of a persisting thought or desire clouding one’s mind, and can essentially be a form of manipulation. In the play, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare and the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F.Scott Fitzgerald, the theme of obsession acts as a key motivator towards the actions of James Gatsby and Macbeth in courses that lead to their successes and their demises. Firstly, success in obsession is demonstrated in the beginning where James Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy leads him towards

  • Obsession In Romeo And Juliet

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    Obsession is in everything. Obsession occurs in every living human to ever walk this earth. Everybody has feelings and actions that are triggered by an intense moment and these intense moments can cause people’s feelings to go in a flux. This flux could then affect both the people they care about around them and themselves. And sometimes holding this obsession leads to a bigger problem. Obsession is difficult to contain yet we see it every day, fiction or not. The road to obsession is

  • My Obsession With OCD

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    satisfied and relieved knowing that I have control over almost everything that I do and I can make it as neat, and equal as possible. I truly believe that my OCD has also made me more organized, efficient, and overall a smarter person due to the obsessions of making sure everything is “perfect”. There is almost never a mistake that I have made that I did not notice and fix before it turned into a disaster. When I was about thirteen years old, I newly found out about OCD and after going to the doctor’s

  • The American Obsession With Spectatorship

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    Even though they report nothing new, Americans will still watch for hours upon hours. The large majority of these television broadcasts deliver stressful and generally upsetting news, but in no way, is this a deterrent to the viewer. The American obsession with spectatorship is a phenomenon created by the inaccessibility of timely and relevant knowledge. This oddly leads to an increase in the demand and likeability of terror. In her piece “Great to Watch”, Maggie Nelson explores the origination with

  • Obsession In The Great Gatsby

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    get to know a set of characters living in the fictional city of West Egg on prosperity Long Island in the summer of 1922. The biggest part of the story is about the wealthy, young, and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby who has a big passion and obsession for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan. In this analysis the love triangle between Jay Gatsby, Daisy and Tom Buchanan will be the main focus. Early in the book, the character Jay Gatsby, is introduced as a dreamer who is gracious, charming, and a bit

  • Hamlet's Obsession with Death

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    Hamlet's Obsession With Death In Hamlet, William Shakespeare presents the main character Hamlet as a man who is fixated on death. Shakespeare uses this obsession to explore both Hamlet's desire for revenge and his need for assurance. In the process, Shakespeare directs Hamlet to reflect on basic principles such as justice and truth by offering many examples of Hamlet's compulsive behavior; as thoughts of death are never far from his mind. It is apparent that Hamlet is haunted by his father's death

  • Examples Of Obsession In Frankenstein

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    Why Are You Obsessed with Me! Victor, Victor, Victor for once it’s shouldn’t be all about you! Novelist, Mary Shelley in her novel, Frankenstein a unnatured and secrecy has been taken a part of something that Victor can get out of. His obsession of creating life out of the lifeless which not only walks but teaches his self how to talk is everything. Mary Shelley is one clever lady. She uses a letter which Victor’s writing but, as the time passes on Walton finishes the letter as Victor’s on