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  • Odysseus as a Tragic Hero

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    tale in which the hero was trying to accomplish a certain task, such as returning home or rescuing a lover from Hades. In every case, these heroic tales would always end with tragedy; the hero would be killed by a jealous lover, go mad, or have a loved one taken away from him. However, one Greek hero existed whose story did not end with tragedy: Odysseus. Homer's The Odyssey is unique among all other Greek myths in that it is the only story in which the hero does not meet a tragic end; why

  • Odysseus As A Tragic Hero

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    Young Odysseus was a powerful and respectful child. Mainly because he possessed so much power at a young age. He once had to fight a boar, and overcame, and here’s that story; child odysseus was about 7 when one day while walking through the woods, he was approached by a boar. At first, he attempted to reconcile with the boar, but to no avail, the daunting animal still appeared adamant to attack and kill Odysseus. Not at all frightened by the rampaging destructive animal, he did get slightly anxious

  • The Tragic Hero : Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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    An epic hero is someone who is admired for their great achievements and selfless acts in times of despair. Heroes are also effective leaders, as their guidance is important in the face of danger. The story, The Odyssey, follows the epic hero, Odysseus, and his strong men on their adventure sailing the Mediterranean Sea with the objective of returning home to Ithaca. As they sailed, the curious men crossed paths with misfortune, leading all but Odysseus to their deaths. Odysseus used his leadership

  • An Tragic Hero : Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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    An Epic Hero When someone thinks of an epic hero Odysseus probably crosses their mind because of his actions displayed in the book “The Odyssey”. An epic hero is a brave and noble character that is admired for great achievements or is affected by great events. Odysseus is an example of an epic hero because of his actions and doings on his way back home from the Trojan War, an example of his actions is fighting the cyclops Polyphemus. Odysseus is an epic hero because of his actions on his journey

  • Who Is Odysseus A Tragic Hero

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    The great and powerful adventurer Odysseus has recently passed away. The date of his death was on April 16th of 2017. He was spending the day in his magnificent garden where he spent his free time. However he was not dressed in his proper attire considering he was not wearing shoes. In his garden, he stepped on a hornet which he is severely allergic to. He was stung by the hornet and immediately began to have reactions. He broke out in hives and his lungs closed. He was found lying in his garden

  • The Tragic Hero : Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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    Odysseus is one of the greatest epic heros in the history of literature. The Odyssey, by Homer, is an epic poem, which depicts the journey home of Odysseus. Angering many gods, this voyage takes him through multiple obstacles, and ends up taking almost twenty years longer than it should've. Throughout his journey, “The Son of Laertes” must get his crew out of trouble multiple times. He uses his intellect and other strengths to do so, and never gives up, no matter the circumstance. Even after losing

  • Odysseus As An Epic Hero As A Tragic Hero

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    admired for great achievements”. The Odyssey written by Homer is home to Odysseus, the original epic hero. The typical features of an epic hero or heroic epic are strength, loyalty, courage, and intelligence. Odysseus not only fulfills the requirements but also goes above and beyond. On his way home to Ithaca Odysseus faces many challenges, and with each solution, we see why he is considered an epic hero. A trait that Odysseus embodies to the fullest is intelligence. His wittiness and eloquence have

  • The Tragic Hero Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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    Antinous defending his plot to assassinate Telemachus: Many see me as an arrogant, despicable man trying to gain power in sinful ways, but put yourself in my shoes, if you will. My home, Ithaca, recently suffered a tragedy. Odysseus, a great warrior and king, once admired by his kingdom suffered a death on the battlefield. He left his wife and kids to live out the rest of their days without even so much as a word from a messenger, informing them on his passing. More importantly, he left them without

  • The Tragic Hero In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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    Odysseus, along with his crew, has had many problems through their quest to find home. Through book nine, several problems are show and how he and his crew dealt with them. He faced supernatural dangerous as shown in this quote, ‘“ And now an evil fate from Zeus beset our luckless men, causing us many sorrows; for setting the battle in array by the swift ships, all fought and hurled their brazen spears at one.”’ Zeus is the might king of the gods, who resides on Mount Olympians. Due to their behavior

  • Odysseus And Rainsford: What Makes A Hero Or Tragic Hero?

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    performing actions that would benefit mankind. In contrast, fictional heroes like Odysseus and Rainsford depicted philanthropic by enduring obstacles on their journey. That eventually led them to find the urge to perform actions in an unconventional way that helped others. Both realistic and fictional heroes evolve to become altruistic after experiencing some kind of problem. Heroism is manifested in every hero because they want to help people,