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  • The Air Base Of The Plane

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    “Alright, you can turn back now,” the voice crackled over the radio.            “Roger that,” I responded and I turned the jet back towards the Yokosuka air base. I marveled over the miles of land between Tokyo and Yokosuka City. The cherry blossom trees spread like one giant flower beneath me as I approached the air base. Nearing the landing, the plane began to slow down. I pulled up on the yoke of the plane, just barely avoiding a possible nosedive into the asphalt below. The underbelly of the

  • The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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    The attack on Pearl Harbor is known today as a horrible event brought on by revenge and Japan’s need for control. This event is one of the single most important events in American history proving that the Japanese armed services may have been strategically stronger and more powerful at one time. The United States was not involved in WWII; that began with Germany invading Poland. The attack on Pearl Harbor, however, led to the United States’ involvement in World War II. It also brought with it

  • Military Operations During The Second World War

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    The Second World War was unparalleled in the horrifying acts and outcomes of war as well as in the incredible scientific and technological advances that continue to influence current military operations and people’s everyday lives. Although the Second World War is often remembered for some of the most terrible acts of violence in human history, it was also a time of incredible scientific advances. Numerous scientific and technological improvements significantly influenced military operations during