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  • Oil Industry

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    Oil Industry Steven Gomez Management for Organizations Professor Shah 07/08/2011 The oil companies of today’s societies are bigger than from the past and have been making the news worldwide. These companies have been growing and trying to lease more property across the country in order to keep making money. “While the oil and gas industry argue that for expanded access to federal land, they sit on over 29 million acres of unused federal oil and gas leases.” (Elizabeth Lopez, Hill

  • The History Of The Oil Industry

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    The history of the Oil Industry Oil makes up over ⅓ of humanities primary energy supply. The production of oil, especially the refining of it is has a huge impact of on the modern day world. Oil has been collected and used since Old Testament Bible times. Oil or petroleum is naturally found in various countries including in and around the United States of America. There are many men who can be linked to the beginning of the American oil industry, but out of all of them the most famous, if not

  • The Economy Of The Oil Industry

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    years, the oil industry practiced its deepest recession since 1990s. That being said, the recovery for this industry finally starts getting better. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries approved to change the production last year, 2016. This arrangement has been holding over to this year, with oil prices increasing for the past several months. But in recent weeks, United States records have been found greater oil prices have been faded. Experts think it will be years before oil returns

  • Oil Industry Essay

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    then moved Offshore, and drill there first well was drilled in Albany harbour in 1907. On the other hand, Australia’s first oil field was at Lake Bunga in the Gippsland Basin in 1924. Moving on, a discovery was made by WAPET a joint venture company. Oil was discovered at Rough Range 1953 a depth of 1099 metres. The 1960's was an important year for Australian petroleum industry. The biggest success was in the Gippsland Basin, offshore from Victoria. In March, 1969 Brisbane was the first city with natural

  • The Oil And Gas Industry

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    The oil and gas industry happens to be the largest industry in the world as it is the singular point of growth for a civilisation. Its importance lies in the fact that it is a fundamental aspect involving every individual’s lives from petrochemical products to transportation, heating and electricity fuels. Edwin Drake in Titusville, Pennsylvania drilled the very first oil well during 1859 and it paved the way to the beginning of the oil industry in America. While Edwin Drake focused on drilling

  • The Oil And Gas Industry

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    Starting my petroleum engineering degree, the oil and gas industry was doing very well at the time.The price of oil was around a hundred dollars per barrel, new independent companies were frequently being created, and the employment rate after graduating with a petroleum engineering degree was close to one hundred percent.However, the outlook of the industry has drastically changed while being in school.The price of oil is now hovering around thirty dollars per barrel and many companies are now having

  • The Politics Of Oil Industry

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    The Politics of Oil The world as we know it is heavily dependent on oil as our primary energy source, even though we are in constant search of alternatives. After nearly 100 years of searching for something different, oil remains the most reliable. Oil is used for everything from technology to transportation to food and business, yet it is not in a never-ending supply. This is where the politics come into play. According to the International Energy Agency, oil comprises 31% of the total

  • The Oil And Gas Industry

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    The oil and gas industry has been largely dependent on the collaboration between oil and gas companies and governments represented by environmental and regulatory agencies. This collaboration has been in place to regulate the practices and to protect the environment around the field operations sites. Some of the environmental agencies roles in the oil and gas industry includes: • The design of safety procedures and drills. • The implementation of these procedures to ensure they’re respected and carried

  • The Exploration Of The Oil Industry

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    There have been many successful companies that are currently in the oil business and the reason why they have been successful is because of the risks that the company makes to make more money in their industry. This risk in the petroleum world could range from a new piece of equipment, purchased land or expand their production. Pioneer Petroleum is a company that is growing and they are making a conscience decision to determine the rate of return. Like any other company Pioneer has evolved and pivoted

  • Industry Analysis : The Oil And Gas Industry

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    Industry Analysis: The oil and gas industry is expansive and rather complex industry consisting of oil, fossil fuels, natural gas, oil and green energy sources. Combined the above sources make-up 32% of total energy consumed worldwide. Three sectors define the value chain of the oil industry; Upstream – which is the process of exploration and extracting the natural resource, control storage and entail refinement process. Midstream – consisting of distribution by pipelines and large quantity shipments