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  • A Career : My Career As A Career

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    number one priority. I want to make them proud because they had a completely different life to mine. They didn’t have the same opportunities as me. Both of my parents come from Mexico and have built a great life for my brother and me here in the United States. I was born here and I want to take advantage of all the privileges I’m given. I think my interest in this field was when I started playing sports in junior high. I love running and I believe it’s one of my best talents. I have been running track

  • Career And College Research Paper Essay

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    Career and College Research Paper The career that I have chosen is to be a pharmacist. This is a very challenging career, but it is also very rewarding career personally and also financially. A pharmacist’s job is to fill prescriptions, observe how certain pills will react with other prescriptions, teach patients how to safely use the pills and warn them of potential side effects (“Summary”). I chose this career for many reasons. I chose this because it is a very interesting career to me and I would

  • My Leadership Essay Example

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    Christi has not been with Charles Machine Works Family of Companies long, her career path has overlapped with Perry Oklahoma for years. This position was a culmination of her experience, educational background and calm demeanor, in fact I will say calm is her super power. Christi is a Oklahoma Native and graduated from Rush Springs High School in 1990 and attended Oklahoma State University, GO POKES!! With a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting in 1994. Christi has held a number if positions, she

  • The Importance Of My Experience At A College Band Camp

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    week at a college band camp? Unfortunately, it does not resemble the iconic scene from the classic film, American Pie. This narrative depicts why I decided to attend Southwestern rather than other colleges such as Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, and Wichita State University. My fellow band friends and I took a three hour journey to Weatherford from Blackwell to attend the Southwestern Band Camp for four days. As soon as we reached our destination, I realized that this was where I

  • I Want To Be A Veterinarian

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    The career I chose to do when I get older is to be a Veterinarian. The job title is a “Vet”. This career is about helping animals stay healthy. I chose this career because I’ve always had an interest in learning all about animals, more importantly my love for them. Also, I want to be able to help save them and find new ways to keep them healthy. My parents and some other family members have always said I have a special bond with animals. Veterinarian services are held in either a clinic, hospital

  • Career And College Research Paper

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    anywhere there is people, there is medicine. A nonchalant work day for a PSR could be going to a doctor’s office to discuss a purchase, attending a clinic to inform about a particular drug that is on the market, or even catching a flight for an out of state conference (“Job Description of Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales”). A perk of being a PSR, is that you can chose your own work hours as long as you are not working through a company. As far as location goes for a PSR, they tend to be world wide in

  • The Dust Bowl And The Great Depression By Margaret Larason

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    Bowl and the Great Depression were catastrophic events that occurred in the mid-1930s and affected the Great Plains. One place in particular that suffered was the Oklahoma panhandle. The dust storms were so bad that farmers could not make a living, and the land was almost un-inhabitable. This drove many families to leave the panhandle and flee to places like California. Margaret Larason is a woman who was born in the pan handle before the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, and she even lived through

  • Democracy Is The Worst Form Of Government Essay

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    national government. When the Constitution was framed, it allowed for the creation of strong state governments that were ultimately subject to the national government. These properly empowered state governments have become a staple of the American political system; they have become the citizen’s closest ally in terms of representation, flexibility, and services. The Founding Fathers validated the authority of state governments by the adding the tenth amendment to the Bill of Rights. This amendment guarantees

  • The Impact of the Great Depression Essay

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    crash of 1929 sent the nation spiraling into a state of economic paralysis that became known as the Great Depression. As industries shrank and businesses collapsed or cut back, up to 25% of Americans were left unemployed. At the same time, the financial crisis destroyed the life savings of countless Americans (Modern American Poetry). Food, housing and other consumable goods were in short supply for most people (Zinn 282). This widespread state of poverty had serious social repercussions for

  • Cheaper College Education

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    (http://www.collegedata.com/cs/content/content _payarticle_tmpl.jhtml?articleId=1006) “The average cost of tuition and fees for the 2016–2017 school year was $33,480 at private colleges, $9,650 for state residents at public colleges, and $24,930 for out-of-state residents attending public universities.” Which means we spend an average of $205.4 billion dollars on public colleges and $188.1 billion dollars for private college. Equalling a total of $393.5 billion. Lower the cost of college education