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  • Short Story Of Oklahoma State University

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    much as Oklahoma State, you have to wonder what it is about that place that still draws people to it? Most kids from my town find themselves at Texas Tech or Texas A&M. Why not follow them? The very first time I stepped on campus, I fell in love. From the flowers in front of the library to the trees that surround Theta Pond, everything about the campus was beautiful to me. More important than the beauty of the campus itself are the ethics for which it stands. The vision of Oklahoma State University

  • Case Study : Oklahoma State University

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    Relationship Analysis Paper Katie Dillon SPCH 2713-009 2 March 2016 Oklahoma State University  When I have kids and they ask me about my roommates in college, I want to give them a good, positive story. Unfortunately, I would be lying if I admitted that living with three other girls didn’t bring up some issues. In following paper, I apply the social exchange theory established by Chadwick-Jones, (1976); Gergen, Greenberg, & Willis (1980); and Thibaut & Kelley (1986) to analyze the complicated and

  • Oklahoma State University Admission Essay Sample

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    In my time at Albany University I have had time to mature and pursue my passion for serving people through medicine. One factor that has aspired me to study at Oklahoma State University is their emphasis on serving rural and underserved areas of Oklahoma. I was raised in a rural area of New York and really love the environment and people. One of the best parts about growing up in a rural area is the ability to getting to know everyone in the community personally. In high school I got to see the continuity

  • Why I Chose Oklahoma State University

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    remember, math has always been easy and exciting to me. In high school, the only classes I looked forward to involved math – other than sports. Upon entering college at Eastern Oklahoma State College on an academic and cheerleading scholarship, I chose mathematics as my major. When I came to Oklahoma State University in 2011, I was extremely unsure of what I wanted to study. I started out in architectural engineering because I knew that I loved math and numbers, as well as drawing and designing

  • Collaboration: Fire Extinguisher and Oklahoma State University

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    Meaning they can put out ordinary combustible materials, flammable liquids, and electrical fires. Reliable resource(s) in MLA or APA format (use Easybib.com to generate citations): "Types of Fire Extinguishers." Types of Fire Extinguishers. Oklahoma State University, n.d. Web. 25 Feb. 2015. <http://ehs.okstate.edu/modules/exting/Types.htm> "Fire Extinguisher : 101." Fire Extinguisher: 101. Onlinefiresciencedegree, n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2015. <http://www.fire-extinguisher101.com/>. ___________________

  • Sociological Elements of Culture from Oklahoma State University

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    One element of culture that Oklahoma State University (OSU) exhibits is values. Values are deeply held principles or standards by which people make judgments about the world. OSU presents the value of education, similar to how our entire culture presents it, which prepares students for their future. Receiving a good education will provide opportunity for a good job in the future. Other values of OSU are alumni and sports teams. OSU values taking care of alumni and keeping them involved, especially

  • Southern Oklahoma State University Student Services Analysis

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    Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers many student support services that can help make the college experience less stressful. Each service has its own way of aiding the student in whatever way they need assistance. In this essay I will explain four of these services and how they can help the student. These include the Writing Center, Financial Aid Office, Advising Center, and the Student Health Service. The Writing Center is one of the more popular services available because of how helpful

  • S. W. OC Analysis: Coming To Oklahoma State University

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    S.W.O.C Analysis Introduction Coming to Oklahoma State University, I was scared out of my mind. I was coming from the small town of Edmond, and a small school of Oklahoma Christian University. I didn’t know what to expect. I transferred here because where I was at Oklahoma Christian wasn’t working out like I thought it would two years ago. When I visited Oklahoma Christian for the first time, I was told my major was accredited and I should be able to graduate in four years. Within my first semester

  • Norman, Oklahoma

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    In the 1870’s, the Unassigned Lands in the part of the Oklahoma Territory that would become Norman, Oklahoma was a sight to behold. Just north of the North Canadian River, which is the main tributary of the Canadian River, which in turn is the largest tributary of the Arkansas River, Abner Ernest Norman led his federal surveying crew to what would develop into the town bearing his namesake. “Norman, a 23-year-old surveyor from Kentucky, was hired to oversee part of this project. Norman’s work crew

  • I Hear The Cry Of My Life

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    I hear the cry. Of course it is four thirty in the morning and my little boy is ready for his middle of the night feeding. This is the everyday life of a mother of two. I wrap my bundle of joy up and feed him. While this usually isn’t a normal time for people to think about their hopes and dreams it tends to be mine. At the age of sixteen, I moved with my husband to Norman and realized that the best opportunities for my family’s future would be to pursue a professional degree. My college experience