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  • The Physics Of The Gas

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    3. The size of the flame depends on the gas-air mixture. If a high proportion of primary air enters the flame would be much smaller and concentrated giving higher flame temperatures. This gives rise to carbon dioxide because of unburned gases. For this the injector was again the great solution. As the gas comes out of the injector air enters into the stream and is mixed in the mixing tube with the gas before it comes out of the burner port. Combustion zone is where the gas burns in the primary air

  • The Night - Original Writing

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    fire. Taking action, he burst through the gate and dashed between the blazes, feeling the hot stinging burn emanating with the red glow of the flames, searching for the source of the ever quieter trapped victim. Soon Ason is stopped in his tracks as a beam engulfed in flame falls down onto his path, forcing him to find another way, but at every side the flames climbed and crawled along the walls, ceiling and floor, all, save the path he had run along, which instead had the paw prints of white. Seeing

  • Physical and Chemical Changes Essay

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    beakers contain the same compound. You may try some of the followings: * Dissolving in water * Dissolving in different chemical solution * Heating both substance to see if they come out with different results * Doing the flame test for both solution to see if they can come out with different results * etc * b. Would it be easier to prove that the

  • Separating the Flames of Reality Essay

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    In Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use," Wangero could have thought: "Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust." Once the house burned, it, and its history is dead--lost in the flames-- the joy in a new start, a new life, a new name must have made Wangero want to "dance around the ashes (66)" of the house. Dee did in fact change her name to "Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo." When her mother asked her why she didn't use her name anymore Wangero answered: "She's dead, I couldn't bear it any longer being

  • Analysis Of Dillard By Candlelight

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    candle and stayed in the flame, while Dillard witnesses the moth’s death. As the fire burnt its wings the light and the flame from the candle increase until they are completely demolished, causing the flame to subside. At this point the moth is still alive, and continued to move its legs until they finally become still, and the moth is fully dead. Her antennae are also consumed by the fire as well as her legs and head. With only the skeleton of the moth left, it fuels the flame. Dillard reads for another

  • Descriptive Essay On The Haunted House

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    When they walked through the doors of the haunted house in the graveyard, it had an instantly spooky aroma. The door itself was wooden and starting to rot away and fall from its hinges, although that kind of describes the whole house, falling apart. To the right there was a small staircase with ten or eleven steps leading upstairs and a doorway below them leading downstairs. There was old furniture scattered across the old house but it was all ripped up or broken. To the left of the room was a locked

  • Lab Chemistry Lab Experiment

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    Throughout this lab, many different experiments were tested on the unknown white compound. The first test ran was the Solubility Test, which was started by measuring 0.03g of the unknown substance. Next, measure out 60ml of distilled H2O and mix with 0.03g of unknown. Use a stirring rod to the substances were mixed together, and observations were made to see if the unknown dissolves. The use of a ionic solubility chart was helpful when running this test. The next test that was conducted in this

  • Qualitative Observation Of A Chemical Reaction Lab Report

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    describe the burning candle. Blow out the flame and immediately place a lighted match in the “smoke”

  • Candles And Candles

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    A coffee table is incomplete until and unless it’s properly styled and decorated. Flowers, books, trinkets are fine but nothing can be compared to those beautiful flames of candle dancing on the wall. A candle lights up your mood by just scattering on a flat surface of coffee table no matter what size or shape it is. Candles suits up in every occasion. Whether reading books or watching your favorite GAME OF THRONES series candles create perfect medium. Influence of candle on coffee table is just

  • Asserting Your Independence by Testing The Boundaries of Sexuality in "The Storm"

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    caught in their own individual marital obligations to people other than themselves. The passion they have for each other, though, overtakes any kind of desire to stay committed to their spouses with minimal regrets as the story progresses. A great majority of the narrative in the “The Storm” implies that testing ones boundaries in human sexuality is one of the more passionate forms of asserting one’s own independence. This approach greatly contradicts the opposing beliefs of traditional cultures