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  • Sex Offenders Against Children are an Epidemic Overrunning the Online Communities

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    computer on-line service, Internet service, or […] to seduce, solicit, lure, or entice, or attempt to […] a child or another person believed by a person to be a child to commit any illegal act […] relating to sexual battery […]” (Knetzger & Muraski, 2008). Therefore, online sex-crime investigators must use the appropriate protocols during an investigation to avoid a lawful criminal defense based on law enforcement entrapment. One of the best approaches to identify, prosecute, and arrest on-line sex offenders

  • Customer Support Of Live Chat Software

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    investing in live chat software as a customer support option. Research tells us that “live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.” But live chat is more than just a customer support tool. One-on-one communication with customers opens the doors to learning more about consumer behavior. Live engagement can uncover product mishaps and branding opportunities. Gain more from your live chat software. Here are

  • Online Communities - Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards Essay

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    Online Communities - Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards To those who have never experienced an online community they may seem pointless, a waste of time or simply childish. However, for those that have expanded beyond the traditional means of communication such as, talking on the telephone or conversing face-to-face, online communities offer a new and exciting means of communication. They offer a chance to meet others, gain advice, voice an opinion, defend an argument, or to simply relax and have

  • Speech Recognition : A Gift Of The Advancement

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    Speech Recognition feature is a gift of the advancement in technology in the modern world. Through this technology, you can easily dictate your thoughts anywhere, by just speaking. The voice to text translation software will convert the voice, acoustic signals into the text message, thus offer the facility and reliability to the person using it. The person using voice to text translation feature has to just speak and the software will catch the sound and enter it as text on the computer. This will

  • Mobile Phones Has Revolutionized The Way Americans Live

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    There are multiple technologies that have appeared in the past half-century, but most importantly these technologies have revolutionized the way Americans live. We’ve spent time researching and exploring their beginnings, as well as where they’ve taken us today. Today, there are ever-evolving systems manufactured for the purpose of communication, specifically mobile telephones. Mobile phones, better known as cell phones are constantly advancing to incorporate the new needs and desires of users with

  • E Commerce Disadvantages

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    crucially important. However, as things change so fast on the web, so do perceptions as well. One case in point is the perception that there's a lack of "live chat support" staffers who actually know what they're doing and how to give solutions from simple problems to next level problems. Another perception fast changing is that live chat support agents can't be understood because the outsourcing platform of the site has hired personnel who are not proficient in the dominant language of the eCommerce

  • Examples Of Top 12 Messaging Apps

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    Top 12 Messaging Apps Friends, are you bored by messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc.? Here are the best options to chat with your friends/family anywhere. Try these amazing apps: 12. Line Line is a Japanese Messaging app, which has more than 600 million users worldwide. Users can share their feelings by four options-1. Chat 2. Video messaging 3. Audio messaging, and 4. Photo sharing. Also, you can share your location. The app has a Timeline system. You can follow your favorite

  • Television and the Internet

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    Included in these sites are popular images and sounds of the characters, trivia based on the episode, internet "treasure hunts," as well as other interactive elements; all promoting increased interest in the show as well as rampant discussions on the chat lines and newsgroups. One of the most popular interactive events on the internet was a "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"

  • Genetic Disorders : A Genetic Disorder

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    structures consist of proteins that carry out to work and to perform life functions. When a gene is disrupted in a way that the proteins no longer carry out a normal function, a disorder can occur. Cri-du-Chat, also known as cat’s cry, was founded by geneticist Jerome Lejeune in 1963. Cri-du-Chat is a genetic disorder that results in the absence of a missing piece on the short arm of chromosome 5. This genetic disorder is also called 5p- Syndrome, 5p Minus Syndrome or 5p Deletion Syndrome. The reason

  • Compare Two Poems in Which the Poets Explore Attitudes to Death. How Do the Poets Use Language to Emphasise? These Attitudes?

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    Defying Gravity by Roger McGough and Mort Aux Chats by Peter Porter are two poems that have death as a theme. Although they refer to death in different ways. Mort Aux Chats refers to death to convince you to dislike cats. Whereas Defying Gravity is about a mans “victory” with death. These poems rely on language to emphasise the attitude to death. Defying Gravity is told from the point of view of a dying mans best friend. It uses a lots of metaphors and I think this makes the poem very effective