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  • Service Line Development: Trinity Community Hospital Case Study

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    Service Line Development Case Study Introduction For US hospitals tattered by competition, trying to be all things to all patients is no longer a feasible strategy. One way hospitals can more successfully contend with smaller, more focused competitors is to systematize themselves by service line, focusing on building first-rate capabilities in just a few clinical areas. Hospitals that do well with this strategy can garner great fiscal benefits while enhancing their capability to serve their communities

  • Business Operations : A Company 's Bottom Line, But The Environment And Local Community Essay

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    company’s bottom line, but the environment and local community. As learned in MGMT 326, Sustainable Operations, social responsibility and acting in an ethical manor is the number one priority of businesses in relation to their stakeholders. MGMT 326 stressed the importance of considering stakeholders, stakeholders are anyone who is affected by business operations. This goes beyond just workers and clients, it involves anyone who comes in contact with the company, most importantly the community. Carolina

  • Amt Task1 Service Line Development

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    Running head: SERVICE LINE DEVELOPMENT Business Summary for Trinity Community Hospital Orthopedic Service Line Development Background Information Trinity Community Hospital, a 150-bed hospital with 20 operating rooms and an emergency department on a 25-acre campus, is a community-owned hospital located in a growing community in the southeastern U.S. with a population of 400,000 people in the city and 900,000 in the county. The community is made up of high tech business and industry as well as retirees

  • The Community Health Needs Assessment Essay

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    AMT2 Service Line Development Task 2 Echo Breen A. Analyze the community health needs assessment in the case study by doing the following: A1. Discuss major risk factors identified in the assessment. Trinity Community Hospital conducted a focused community health needs assessment (CHNA) over the past year. The assessment targeted oncology, orthopedic and cardiovascular services within TCH’s service region. Information was obtained from multiple sources including epidemiological surveys, state

  • The Orestei Transformation Of Justice Based On Law

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    from a view of the individual as the victim of a crime to a view of the community as the victim of the crime; the change in the nature of the Furies, who start as vengeful spirits and have their nature so completely changed that they become the Eumenides, the kindly spirits; and the formation of a system of justice based on a court system, which has a balance between punishment and mercy, allows citizens to represent their community in the the court, and promotes equality between the defendant and their

  • Difference Between Langston Hughes And Countee Cullen

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    combination of short and longer lines, the latter limits each of his lines to only 10 syllables while simultaneously including a varying rhyme scheme. These differences in writing style not only portray the different methods these Negro writers use to express their beliefs, but also connect to the varying meanings these poets try to convey. As I've been taught in literature classes in elementary school, many readers believe the "ideal" poem consists of lines that do not go all the way across

  • The Knowledge Process And Management 's Role

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    study, providing criticism on the problem statement, academic justification, literature review, research questions, methodological choice, and the findings. Study Nesheim, Olsen, and Tobiassen (2011) completed a study to determine how knowledge communities contribute to the application of knowledge within an organization. The firm selected is located in Norway and exists as a result of the merger

  • Physical Benefits Of Line Dancing

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    Section B Line Dancing is fun, sociable and beneficial for the Youth Line Dancing is an activity that I recommend and encourage the youth to get involved with. Line dancing is a dance done to country music by a line of people (dancers) without partners, following a choreographed pattern of steps. Line dancing has been around, in one form or another, since before Christ. The type of dancing we do today evolved from the “Contra” dance that is an old style and was very popular from the early 1800’s

  • Triple Bottom Line Model Analysis

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    Triple Bottom Line [Name] [Institution] Triple Bottom Line Introduction A triple bottom line model never merely quantifies an accomplishment or rather the wellbeing of a company through its conventional monetary bottom line. However, triple bottom line similarly measures social, ethical as well as environment performance of the company. Triple bottom line typically is an incessant process that shall assist the company in concentrating into the performance of a more sustainable

  • The Community As Partner Model Essay

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    The community-as-partner model includes eight subsystems with the community core, which represents the people, in the middle. The model starts with an assessment first. Prairieville, Louisiana, is a small town east of Baton Rouge. It is located in Ascension Parish along with a few other cities. Prairieville does not have its own police department; therefore it is run by the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Jeffrey F. Wiley participated in an interview and answered multiple questions regarding