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  • Pediatric Oncology

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    children, they are not only doctors but counselors (Pediatric Oncology). The kids they are curing are not able to do things like normal children their age. While a normal seven year old may be riding his or her bike, children with cancer are going through hours of radiation and chemotherapy. These are just a few of the odds and ends of being a

  • Radiation Oncology

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    According to the researchers of mayoclinic.org, Radiation Oncology is the practice of regulating high dosages of radiation to kill cancerous cells. In this job several small tasks accumulate into a complex system. A radiation oncologist can expect to: place radioactive material into the body to locate and pinpoint tumors, keep detailed records of treatment proficiency, examine and create machinery to diminish harmful exposure to radiation, and to console other oncologists about methods such as chemotherapy

  • The Career Of Oncology Nurse

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    was going to be the best. And I could never live up to my expectations.”Once something traumatic happens to your family, one might want to take action to help fix or find a cure.The career of Oncology Nurse is a life fulfilling because one can save many lives. The research will describe the career of Oncology Nurse, what is required to become a successful and the impact this career has on society. As we all know cancer has been around for practically forever, but the history of cancer goes back to

  • Reflection Paper On Oncology

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    beginning of my desire to battle this disease. When making a list of what I already knew about oncology, I found that there was very little I knew about this topic. I knew that there were three main types of oncologists: medical, surgical, and radiation. Those different types of oncologists treat cancer patients by using chemotherapy, biopsies, and radiation therapy. In addition to his information, I knew that oncology was among the top ten most competitive degrees of study in the United States. Once I came

  • Pediatric Oncology Career

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    able to decide on a career path yet. However, I am bearing in mind pediatric oncology, culinary, and cosmetology. The only cause of my second guessing in pediatric oncology is due to the amount of education needed, It will take a total of 14 years to major in pediatric oncology. Once I have completed those 14 years it will have been well worth it. The first career, I am looking into is pediatric oncology, Pediatric oncology is what I am considering because it is one of the most inspiring jobs in my

  • The Severity Of Surgical Oncology

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    By Jonas Wilson, Ing. Med. Surgical Oncology Surgical oncology is the medical specialty that is concerned with the surgical treatment and removal of tumors. In fact, surgery is one of the oldest means of treating cancer. Ancient Egyptians in the 7th century meticulously described techniques for the removal of tumors of the breasts. Thanks to our advances in terms of the safety and efficacy of anesthesia, surgery, in general, has been rapidly evolving. The specialists responsible for carrying

  • Oncology Personal Statement

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    science because of its combination of both life science and humanism. My budding interest in pathology and clinical applications of science, as I discovered in my internship with Bronx-Westchester Area Health Education Center, has me to discover oncology. I am interested in becoming a cancer researcher, so I can perform innovative translational research that may assist cancer patients. Cancer research captivates me, because it is both a rewarding and challenging field.

  • Oncology: Becoming A Superheros

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    villain in most scenarios. The only people who have the power take down cancer are the patient and their oncologist. Oncology is one of the many branches of medicine. An oncologist is a doctor that treats cancer patients through the long process of radiation, chemotherapy, and a lot more. Oncologist are gifted with the power of healing, who would not want the chance to save a life? Oncology is an important field of medicine, cancer wars are beings lost and lives are taken away ever day and the only ones

  • Oncology: A Surgical Oncologist

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    Oncology is known as the study of tumors, so an oncologist would be a person that studies and treats all sorts of tumors. There are different types of oncologists within the medical field. There are medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, pediatric oncologists, and hematologist oncologists. A medical oncologist uses targeted therapy which is chemotherapy or other medications to treat cancerous tumors. A surgical oncologist would be the one who removes

  • Career In Pediatric Oncology

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    A Career in Pediatric Oncology Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer. Cancer is a disease that develops when normal cells in certain parts of the body start to grow abnormally and continuously. It has been a plague on human life for a while; in fact, the earliest evidence of the disease was found in ancient Egyptian manuscripts dating back to 1600 BC. It is currently the most diagnosed disease in the world. Pediatric Oncology is a subspecialty of the practice that focuses on the treatment