Oncology nursing

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  • Grief and Oncology Nursing

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    Grief and Oncology Nursing My earliest experiences of observing nursing in action occurred during my last two years of high school. My father was diagnosed with cancer during the spring of my junior year and died right before my senior year. During that short time I watched as the nurses cared for him and I could see compassion and empathy in the way they looked at him. It never occurred to me until after I had raised my children that I wanted to be able to help people in the same way those nurses

  • Reflective Practice in Oncology Nursing

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    Name of Programme: BSc (Hons) Nursing Student Name: Siti Aminah Ariffin Student Number: J9168783 Name of Module Acute Medical Care management Module Code: SDH 3010-N Module leader: Leslie Inayatullah Assignment title Reflective Essay Date of submission 10th September 2010 Word count: 3485 words Nursing as a profession is committed to the care of patients and families throughout health and illness and across all setting of care. Nurses assess and plan care to deal

  • Nursing: The Importance Of Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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    download this easy to use app so they can access the information on their own. Another online resource for oncology nurses that my colleagues use daily is Putting Evidence into Practice (PEP) pages by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). The PEP resource can be purchased and downloaded via itunes or kindle and accessed on a mobile device. These are specific interventions for nurses to use with oncology patients accompanied by the research that validates their use. These two quality resources are the accepted

  • Research Critique : Qualitative Review

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    This statement is hereby identified as “Because of the intense and emotional relationship they form with pediatric oncology patients and their families, pediatric oncology nurses are exposed to multiple and compound work-related losses” (Conte, 2014). This statement encompasses the entire nature of the article and intimately describes the title as set forth. This author chose a purposive sampling

  • Case Study Of Psycho Oncology

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    in Psycho-Oncology: A New Pathway In Cancer Care The field of medicine is as vast it can get. With new technology and cutting edge research, there are more and more methods and discipline that are introduced to cure diseases. One such field is that of cancer. Most of these are found and categorized, with the cure and treatment methods devised to make the patient better. One such area, which has been finding a major spot in terms of getting the patient back on track is Psycho-Oncology. Psycho-Oncology

  • Can Exercise As A Form Of Fatigue Management Reduce Cancer Related Fatigue?

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    can exercise as a form of fatigue management reduce cancer related fatigue In oncology patients compared to no fatigue management? There will be approximately 19 million cancer survivors in the U.S. by the year 2022 (The American Cancer Society, 2014). A cancer survivor is considered anyone diagnosed with cancer, from date of diagnosis until death (The American Cancer Society, 2014). Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) is be the most distressing side effect associated with cancer therapy, while pain is

  • The Sources of Contamination from Chemotherapy Essay

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    focusing my research on the nurses who administer the chemotherapy drugs to the patients. Chemotherapy falls under the hazardous drug category due to the low levels of exposure nurses are exposed to while administering chemotherapy. The first study on oncology nurses and risks of chemotherapy exposure where done in the late 1970s when mutagenic changes were discovered in the urine of nurses who administered chemotherapy. The first set of guidelines for the safe handling of chemotherapy was made around

  • Being Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

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    Being diagnosed with brain cancer can be a very frightful and stressful situation. Upon receiving a diagnosis, a patient must choose where they will seek treatment. As the National Brain Tumor Society explains in the article “Treatment Options”, there are different factors that go into selecting an appropriate treatment facility; some of which include age, over all health, and medical history. A patient must also consider the type of tumor, location, and size of the tumor as well. Another factor

  • Identifying The Career Path That One

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    decided to go into Nursing and get a BS degree so that I could work in the oncology department at a hospital. When I decided to change from the nursing field I felt as if I would not be able to achieve my dream. After doing intensive research on career paths for human service degrees I found out that I could also work in oncology. Healthcare social workers are able to work in many different areas, one that happens to be oncology. This career path way would allow me to be an oncology social worker

  • Non Melanoma Skin Cancer : The Global Cancer Incidence Essay

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    cancer. Those who are diagnosed are dependent on oncologists. The need for oncologists is higher than ever and is continuing to increase each year. This paper will explain what oncology is, what several of the different types of oncologists, and the education requirements to become a certified oncologist. Oncology is simply the study of cancer. Once an individual is diagnosed with cancer, they then have to acquire an oncologist or “a specialist doctor trained in the management of cancers” (Srivastava)