One country, two systems

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  • The Passing of Hong Kong to Mainland China Authorities

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    Britain’s new strategy. Hoped that it would “diminish[ed] as much as possible the atmosphere of confrontation” and would “cultivate relations with Chinese leaders.” "Hong Kong was like a Ming vase - an object of priceless value." He highlighted that the two sides were engaged in

  • Promoting Judo to Tier A Elite Sport in Hong Kong Essay

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    argument that Judo, as a physical activity, should focus more on the other aspects brought on by sports, such as, health status enhancement, socio-cultural issues, including globalization and institutionalization of judo, rather than trophies and winning. One can argue that judo elitism alone is a catalyst of all the issues mentioned above, which is even more effective than other sport events. According to the Ito’s (2011) study about the assimilation of immigrants to other country’s society, the experiment

  • The influence of Individual Visit Scheme Essay

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    Academic Year 2013/2014 MGMT4160-42121 Selected topics in Management Group project Title: The influence of Individual Visit Scheme in Hong Kong and Macau Background The Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) began on 28 July 2003. This scheme allows Mainland resident visit Hong Kong or Macau on an individual basis. Before the scheme, China resident must travel to Hong Kong or Macau with a business visa or group tours. In general, as long as people is in the scope of cities

  • Intersection of Law and Ethics in Hong Kong

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    Intersection of Law and Ethics : Immigration Law, Right of abode in HKSAR Introduction This paper is to investigate the case of recent action taken by the Hong Kong Government to suspend new bookings of obstetric service from non-local pregnant women in public hospital, especially to those mainland women, in order to protect right of Hong Kong women. The sudden cut affects a group of mainland women with spouse as Hong Kong permanent residents and they complain the injustice phenomenon, that

  • What Are The Weaknesses Of The Two Party System

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    even though they claim to uphold certain American values? The two-party system is just that: corrupt. Right now, the government offers two parties, and even though it has its benefits, it has a lot more weaknesses. Although the two-party system offers stability and accessibility for citizens, it is broken and needs to be drastically changed for the government to be actually of the people, by the people, for the people. The two-party system was born after the American revolution, when our representatives

  • The Role Of Governmental Public Health Agencies Essay

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    care is the true measure of a country is how a country responds to the health of its people. A country that has a strong emphasis on its health care and focuses the delivery of that care speaks volumes of that country. In this paper, we will be comparing and contrasting the role of governmental public health agencies in two different countries. While looking at these similarities and differences in the way two countries operate their individual, healthcare systems, we will also equate the historical

  • Compare And Contrast Politics And Political System

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    Here in this topic an issue arises that why we do compare and compare the political systems of the different regions, states, and countries and as well as domestic politics. To answer the bigger question what is politics and political systems. Politics mean the activities associated are attached with the governance of a country or area especially the debate between parties or regimes having power. Politics is also to struggle to gain power to rule and govern governments. On the other hand governments

  • The Design Of A Constitution Of Any Country Has Impacts On Politics And Society

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    The design of a constitution of any country has impacts on their politics and society. The impact that it has depends on say whether that country has a democratic regime or an authoritarian regime and how the institutions that are stated in the constitution are organised for example the government, the legislature, the electoral system and the party system and this piece of academic writing will demonstrate how. How can one describe a constitution? 1) A constitution can be written or unwritten

  • Germany and the United Kingdom

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    United Kingdom All countries in our world share many similarities and differences. This allows each country to learn from one another’s failures and successes. Two of the countries that have similar and different ways that they run their country is Germany and the United Kingdom. These countries each have their own style of how they choose to run their countries. Both Germany and the United Kingdom are democracies in the world, however they have many differences between the two. Germany has a constitution

  • International Systems : An International System

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    an international system includes individuals from different countries. These countries can be called states if they are connected by an organized structure of people, leaders or “government” in those particular countries. In accordance with K.J. Holsti’s article, international systems are “independent political entities that interact with frequency and according to regularized processes”. In other words, international systems represent patterns of interactions between the countries and government structures