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  • Descriptive Essay About Love

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    hadn’t been right, but as the weeks disappeared her guilt mounted. Each time she mustered the courage to bring it up when they got together, he’d kiss her and all discussion vanished. Keeping secrets was tiring and she didn’t want to do it for another minute. Nico returned to the city late last night and they had a date. She had no intention of putting it off any longer. As that time loomed closer, the fear Nico might disappear cloyed at Caroline. It nipped at the heels, threatening to pop the bubble

  • Stick With Me Research Paper

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    in hope it's going to wake me up. I get out and throw on some light blue jeans and a red sweater. i throw my wet hair into a messy bun and do some simple makeup. When i'm finally done getting ready I check the time and see it's 11:18. I have 30 minutes before I need to start walking, I quickly eat a bowl of cereal. Before I leave I grab my purse and throw an apple and a water bottle in it for lunch. I slip my shoes on and grab my key's and lock my door on my way out. I step out of my apartment building

  • Atheists: A Fictional Narrative

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    I have a cold and he’s injured, so we are sitting on the wall in the room. I go out of the room when I get too hot and get a drink of water from the fountain. He comes out the door and smiles. “Hey what’s up?” I say, actually curious. “Nothing really. Just recovering from a calf injury.” He motions to his leg. “Oh, fun.” I smile. “Why aren’t you practicing?” He asks me. “I have a cold and my mom doesn’t want me to practice with it.” “That sucks” Yeah, it does. I feel like crap while my team is getting

  • Short Story : ' The Couch '

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    his feet of the coffee table and stood up, taking the sandwich from my hand, "Let me try this." Another second passed, "Holy shit." "RIGHT?!" "Ian... you 're a genius." "Yeah, this totally makes up for the blender incident." Everyone took a minute to shiver at the horrible memory of the blender incident. "Can we put a patent on this?" "I think we should." "I 'm going to make this for dinner." "Good idea." "Oh hey, did you ever give Alice the box of goods?" "Goods?" I asked, raising

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    Taken, stolen, kidnapped. All words for the situation I am in. I was taken from my home 2 days ago. I woke up in a trunk confused and had a hard time breathing. I could hear noises from all around and I was scared. I was so hot and I was positive that I had been sweating through all of my clothes. The next thing I heard was terrifying, somebody was trying to get into the trunk. I could hear whoever it was grunting, it appeared that they were struggling. Maybe they didn’t have a key? Once the man

  • I Don 't Shoot Me

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    who killed Nkosinathi Mdletshe. It was Lindiwe and Mxolisi. You 're twelve weeks pregnant. When will I start showing? Soon enough. Don 't worry. That 's your baby. It 's our baby. I don 't believe Bandile killed Nkosinathi. But there 's only one problem. I don 't have proof that Mxolisi and MaNgcobo are the killers. I 'd like to come with you to your doctor 's appointment tomorrow. Oh! Come on! This is nonsense! She knows about the photo. What if she tells the cops?
 Stop panicking

  • Movie Analysis : ' My Ass '

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    Corins Pov~ I am utterly grateful that Kaden showed up and saved my ass. Not that I plan on admitting that to anyone but im just saying that im not sure how much longer I coulve kept getting up. Once Kaden started to beat on Nick, Jane helped me to the bathroom and emidiatly went into a long drawn out apology filled with excuses. Talking about how Anna black mailed her and she had no other choice but to betray me. Once she concluded her speech I simply said to her "Trust is a dangerous thing it

  • What Things Do Things Happen?

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    behind you and accompanying you. Maybe we will ask who they are. The answer for sure is that they are our family and friends. As I just mentioned, everything happens for a reason. There was a situation that happened to me and it make me think a lot. One day I saw a couple they argued in the street, they were seemed like really angry. However, I thought they might be just arguing about some little tiny problem. However, the girl splashed a bottle of water on her boyfriend 's face. Her face was red and

  • Essay on Personal Credo

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    Goals & Traits There are many things that I would like to achieve before I reach retirement. The five goals that are the most important to me are: 1. I would like to buy a house. I currently am renting which I feel is a waste of money. 2. I would like to complete my Bachelor’s Degree shortly after I complete my Associate’s Degree. 3. I would like to have had a job that I loved doing. 4. I would like to have visited Hawaii. 5. I would like to have paid off all of my debts and be debt-free.

  • Seeing a Homicide Changed My life: Student Journal Essay

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    call Chicago where everybody is moving all the time. Chicago can offer you a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately death is one of those opportunities. With guns, drugs, and gangs surrounding the city I experience the most intense situation of my life. It was a life changer that woke me up, and force me to realize that anything can happen to anyone at any time and no one is untouchable. It's a memory that will forever be a part of me no matter how hard I try to forget it. It was 2008 I was thirteen