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  • Online Identity Theft

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    Online Identity Theft What is identity? The word itself can have so many connotations, definitions, and subjects tied to it. However, the most basic definition of our identity would be the qualities, beliefs, and baggage that make up each person. An identity is something that each of us have a claim to from the moment we are born to even past our death. Through the recent technology surges however, our most basic claim is now threatened. We have all heard about crime on the streets but with the

  • Online Fraud and Identity Theft

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    Introduction: Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes statistically according to the Federal Trade Commission. Roughly 27.3 million Americans have fallen victim to this form of theft/fraud. According to last year the loss of money for businesses and financial institutions are in the billions and with consumers out of pocket expenses has been about 5 billion dollars. "Identity theft" refers to crimes in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's personal data (i.e., name

  • Identifying The Different Ways Online Identity Theft

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    Identify and discuss the different ways online identity theft can be achieved by a cybercriminal Identity theft is when your personal details are stolen. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information with the intention to access bank accounts for example, or commit many other crimes in your name and at your expense. Identity theft is a growing threat in the uk which is increasing at a rapid rate. It is said that it could be one of the leading threats in the coming years. Analysis

  • Ways Of Protecting Your Child From Identity Theft Online

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    Ways to Protect Your Child From Identity Theft Online Father 's Day and Mother’s day are not only boons to the greeting card business - for most parents they offer a welcome break, an opportunity to sleep in and just take everything easy, and spend some time thinking about... child ID theft. Huh? Alright, perhaps you are not kicking back in your down-time and deeply thinking about the advanced points of child ID theft. But if you have not been very keen with the ever growing number of horror stories

  • Obscuring Identities Online

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    Since social media is such a mainstay in today’s society, people should not be allowed to obscure their identities on any platform. People use it to connect with family members, make love connections and even sometimes just to feel included. While social media and other online accounts and things of that nature can be fun and helpful, there is a lot that goes happens on a daily basis online that is not safe. The world is full of people who are not considerate of others feelings and choose to ignore

  • Cyberspace and Identity Essay

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    Multiple identities have been increased by the creation of cyberspace communications according to "Cyberspace and Identity" by Sherry Turkle. Turkle uses four main points to establish this argument. Her first point is that online identity is a textual construction. Secondly she states that online identity is a consequence-free moratorium. Turkle's third point is online identity expands real identity. Finally, her last point states that online identity illustrates a cultural concept of multiplicity

  • Questions On Information Technology Specialists

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    participants contain 5 Information Technology specialists, 6 employees, 6 researchers and senior executives, 8 educators and teachers, 2 students, 3 business managers and 2 unemployed people. Also, to reflect the geographical diversity of these online collectives, we ensured a relevant representation of the Kabyle participants living in Algeria and more than ten different countries. The first contact with the participants was made via the internet. We arranged to meet with 26 participants between

  • Effects Of Fake Things On Social Media

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    Fake things effect on social media Media has a long history of developing. The early media type is using the newspaper. The Newspaper is a traditional media. People use newspaper as a way to deliver the news for a long time. In the early 20th century, the radio was invented. It began to change the way in the media. From then on, media began improving. In the late 20th century and 21st century, there were many new types of media invented, such as TV, Computer, and Smartphone. In the 21st century

  • Why Do People Create False Identities And What Are Its Outcomes?

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    This includes creating fake profiles and posing as another person. As individuals are creating these fake profiles they aren’t realizing the effect their lies are having on others as well as their own self-esteem. So, why do people create false identities and what are its outcomes? Creating false profiles has become a common theme amongst the social networkers and has caused great issues. Both teens and adults are a part of this rising ordeal. People are creating profiles of who they wish they can

  • An Unsupervised Child On The Internet

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    to believe that a majority if not most parents know the dangers of the internet when it comes down to their children being able to access it. In some cases parents believe that their child couldn’t be susceptible to the dangers of child predators online. They often trust that their child will come to them in any problem. Realistically that could fail in so many ways, children are easily mislead. Yes, it is important to instill the rules of using the