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  • Disadvantages Of Online Voting

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    The E-voting software has been proven to be effective by several organizations. This software has gone through six phases in every software development life cycle model: a- Requirement gathering Model b- Design c- Implementation or coding d- Testing e- Deployment f- Maintenance So, the ultimate goal of the online voting system should be reliability, performance and security. Guaranteeing access of users to the resources online, the implementation guarantees reliability and is designed for a concurrent

  • Benefits Of Online Voting

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    During the 2012 presidential election, only a stunning 58.6% of the population participated by voting. Most people think this percentage will never change, keeping the US as one of the lowest turnout voting countries in the world. But I have a solution, implement online voting. By giving voters a safe and reliable option to vote for their favored candidate online at home, the number of participating citizens will raise significantly. I’m going to discuss exactly how to implement the system, why we

  • Online Voting System

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    INTRODUCTION-: “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” is an online voting technique. It is based on the other online services like “ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM” .In this system people who have citizenship of INDIA and whose age is above 18 years of any [censored] can give his\her vote online without going to any polling booth. There is a DATABASE which is maintained by the ELECTION COMMISION OF INDIA in which all the names of voter with complete information is stored. SCOPE-: - This system will increase the voting percentage

  • Online Voting For E Democracy

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    ONLINE VOTING FOR E-DEMOCRACY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: IS IT POSSIBLE? Julius Jillbert Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) Indonesia Mustarum Musaruddin Haluoleo University (UNHALU) Indonesia ABSTRACT Issues such as reliability, security and affordability of voting procedures might be seen as factors that can stimulate enthusiasm upon democracy system among potential voters and increase participation. This paper argue that online voting may play important role on enhancing security

  • Online Voting And Its Impact On The United States

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    rate technology is developing, online voting is still a debated issue. Although there are some downsides, like with anything, online voting is more efficient and accurate. It makes the right to vote more accessible to everyone, but the disabled and elderly will benefit most from it. When voting is as simple as logging in and taking a few minutes to cast your vote, more people will be motivated to vote. Online voting would make a positive impact on the United States voting process and would motivate more

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Voting System

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    Iris Recognition Based Voting System 1G.Sathiyabama,2 J.Nithiya, 3B.Sankareswari@Saranya, 4M.Saravana Lakshmi, 5G.Abinaya 1,2 Faculties 3,, Abstract -- In this voting system,the voter identity card is replaced by smart card in which all the detail

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Voting System

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    Iris Recognition Based Voting System 1G.Sathiyabama,2 Nithiya.J, 3B.Sankareswari@Saranya, 4M.Saravana Lakshmi, 5G.Abinaya 1,2 Faculties 3,, Jeppiaar Engineering College,

  • Registering To Vote

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    Voting is perhaps the single most important activity a citizen of the United States of America can engage in, many have fought and died to ensure this right is extended to every citizen. Voting is the vehicle through which the collective voice is heard, and the means through which meaningful change can occur. As such it is imperative that every citizen that is legally able to vote be registered, only registered voters are allowed to cast a vote come election time. While preparing for this assignment

  • The Lack Of Civic Virtue In The United States

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    citizens. In recent history, participation in presidential elections have significantly decreased, never passing 60% in the last eleven elections. The Pew Research Center ranked the United States 31st out of 35 countries for voter turnout based on the voting age population, among the most democratic nations. Being able to vote is arguably the most important civic opportunity given to citizens. It is a privilege that should not be taken easily. Many immigrants understand what it is like to be governed

  • What Is Lowering The Voting Age

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    After reviewing the two articles, it is clear that the voting age in the United States is up for discussion. However, the best supporting article is the one stating that the voting age should remain as is. Recently, some people seem to believe that lowering the voting age from eighteen to sixteen could help improve our voting system. However, for several reasons, this idea would only put a damper on our political system. As stated in the article, our only goal should be to higher our voter