OODA loop

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  • Manoeuvrist Approach

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    decisions and act before your adversary. getting inside enemy’s OODA

  • John Boyd And His Influence On Strategic Thinking

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    This will be explained by first giving a brief context in who John Boyd was and what he did. Then his influence on strategic thinking with the help of his paper Destruction and Creation. It will be then followed by explaining the OODA loop. 1.1 JOHN BOYD Boyd was considered a strategist, a man who was seen as a master in, all dimensions of the bigger picture of the evolving states of war (Gray, 1999). John Boyd was an officer in the United States Air Force who lived from 1927-1997.In the sixties

  • Manoeuvrist Approach, Mission Command And OODA Loopist Theory Analysis

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    In order to be able to answer on those questions it will be necessary firstly to explain basic theoretical points about Manoeuvrist Approach, Mission command and OODA loop cycle. Throughout history, military theorists and commanders have attempted to determine and define the most effective way to defeat an adversary and achieve victory. British military doctrine defines this method as the Manoeuvrist Approach or indirect approach, which main focus is basically on attacking enemy’s cohesion and will

  • Differences Between An Imperative Programming Language And A Non-Imperative Language

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    Describe the differences between an imperative programming language and a non-imperative programming language. Imperative languages are based on the sequential execution of instructions that direct the computer system what steps to take in order to come up with a solution to a problem. This is achieved by the programmer setting states, such as assigning data to memory, altering states, and controlling the sequence of instructions (University of the People, n.d.). In order to achieve this, the

  • Essay about thesis

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    D6T thermal sensor and People Counting Algorithm In this thesis work, a new indoor people counting algorithm is created by using Omron D-6T thermal sensor and Raspberry Pi. The sensor periodically generate thermal map of heat emitted in its field of view which is a one dimension array and pass the array to Raspberry for further processing. The people counting algorithm is created in Raspberry Pi by processing thermal map generated by D6T. After processing the number of people indoor is obtained

  • What Are The Advantages Of Living In A Little Village

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    know down town Loop gives me more of an idea how different the two are. I don’t know everything there is or every single routine that happens in the Loop but I know a bit and knowing a lot living here I can talk about the differences between the neighborhoods and I have been living here my whole life which is eighteen years. The contrast will show how the neighborhoods are different on good and bad things they have. despite you probably not know or know about little village or the loop you will get

  • Records Management System

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    The ‘while loop’ is implemented so that the main system will allow the person to either exit the loop or add a user. The main menu offers the user to either add a user to the records of the system or to simply exit. The two options are created through their respective statements below: The createUser function is used to initiate a list of information. The list will be used to hold on to all the information inserted by the user for it to be added to the records. After that, another loop is created

  • graded assignments Essay

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    instructor at the beginning of Unit 7. Unit 7 Assignment 1: Homework Learning Objectives and Outcomes Use pseudocode/flowcharts to represent repetition structures. Create While, Do-While, and Do-Until conditional loops. Describe the implications of an infinite loop. Assignment Requirements Answer: Short Answer Review Questions 1-5, starting on page 213 Algorithm Workbench Review Questions 1, 2, 7, and 8, starting on page 213 Programming Exercises 1, 3, and 4, starting on page 214

  • Comp230-Intro to Scripting Essay

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    Week 1 Week 1 – Quiz A 1. The name of the service that controls the queue of print jobs with the Window NET command is ______. SPOOLER 2. Which of the following Windows commands will shutdown and restart your computer in 2 minutes? Shutdown –r -t 120 3. Which Windows shutdown command switch is sued to log off the current user of the local computer? -l 4. Which one of the following Windows AT commands specifies an action that will take place at 3:00 p.m.? At 15:00 command 5. From

  • Warm Hat

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    hook under the two bottom strands of the yarn and pull it up over the top strands of the yarn. The groove in the beg is very helpful for this process. Now loop the bottom yarn over all around the loom. To continue knitting, wrap around all the pegs again from the begging on the beg right above the anchor peg and then bring the bottom yarn loop over the top of the peg again. Once there is about an inch or two of stitches done, take the yarn of the anchor peg so that it is not pulling as the project