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  • The Effects Of Op-Ed

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    Attached is a proposed Op-Ed, and related proposal letter to Mike Riksen, Vice President of Policy and Representation at National Public Radio (“NPR”) and recent appointee to the Board of Managers for National Public Media. The proposed Op-Ed details funding concerns for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) in the wake of President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (“FY 2018”), the ripple effects from which could have dire impacts on NPR’s operating budget. This subject

  • Into the Wild- Op Ed

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    Alyssa Frank English 102A Dr. LaFauci 9 December 2010 From “Into the Wild” to “Into Hollywood” How many times has Hollywood taken a true story and turned it into something different? Hollywood took Chris McCandless’s story and turned it into an overdramatic work of art. Unlike Krakauer’s nonfiction best seller Into the Wild, the movie Into the Wild by Sean Penn overemphasizes ideas or fails to include crucial evidence which twists the viewers understanding of Chris McCandless’s life. The

  • OP-ED Rhetorical Analysis

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    The OP-ED piece written by Peggy Noonan on Nov. 19th, 2015 attacks the reader on several different fronts, but allows the same reader to empathize with individual aspects of the piece, or all of them. Feelings take center stage at first and Ms. Noonan challenges how the reader feels by deploying evidence; a synopsis of terror throughout the last two decades. Relentlessly she shows how just how permeable humanity is to intimidate by terror, along with the failures of President Barack Obama. Obama’s

  • Op-Ed Argumentative Analysis

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    op-ed argument Would you or someone you care bout want to die a slow painful death. Well I would hope not. There are many harmful chemicals such as nicotine which is a highly addictive drug in cigarettes. As soon as you stick the cigarette in your mouth you have nicotine in your system and it can reach the brain in under 6 seconds and cause brain damage. This is only one reason out of thousands why smoking should be illegal. Smoking has thousands of harmful chemicals. More than 43 are cancer causing

  • Argument Analysis: The Goal Of An Op-Ed

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    The goal of an Op-Ed is to present your opinions in such a fashion that those reading are persuaded by your argument for it. All three of the examples I chose have an opinion to present and they used similar methods to do so. The first article abouts trumps education plan has a very terse tone throughout the entire article. It doesn't fully acknowledge any counter argument in virtually any aspect. The thesis is not explicitly stated till the conclusion of the article which makes it argument unclear

  • Process Essay: Op-Ed On The Grading System

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    Mahmudul Rapi Writing 9 Family 6 Op-Ed on the Grading System Introduction: I remember the first time that a grading rubric was attached to a piece of my writing. Suddenly all the joy was taken away. I was writing for a grade -- I was no longer exploring for myself. I want to get that back. Will I ever get that back? As doleful as it may sound, it is the truth. For years, students have been forced to live under a strict grading system. I am now directly speaking to those responsible for the creation

  • A New York Times Op Ed Article

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    Introduction: A New York Times op-ed article on May 14, 2013 revealed that Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy (Jolie). She did not have cancer. What would prompt a healthy individual to perform such drastic and disfiguring surgery if her life were not in danger? It turns out that she carries a breast cancer gene mutation, BRCA1, which increases the chances of developing breast and ovarian cancer. The availability of genetic testing has caused prophylactic double mastectomy rates to increase

  • Op-Ed: Technology Enhances Millennals Students

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    Yanbo Yang UWP 22 Op-Ed Technology enhance Millennals students’ learning “Hey teacher, could you please say that one more time and a little bit louder? We all can’t hear you actually.” One of my classmate stood up and disturbed our teacher’s voice with an impatient attitude. My teacher teaches economics for a long period, and he insists to avoid using PowerPoint or other technological stuff to teach because he thinks the teaching method that he has used for the last 20 years is

  • Writing A New Revised Op Ed Essay

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    3 of 39 Print all In new window new revised op ed Inbox x grace burkhart 4:31 PM (19 hours ago) to me How to eat and elephant and build a village The school-to-prison pipeline is an enormous elephant. It has many sides. A front, back, top, bottom, and all the in-between parts. It is so huge and strong that it is simply overwhelming. How do you eat an enormous, overwhelming elephant you ask? One.Bite.at.a.Time. The first bite is called public school suspension and expulsion. These aggressive

  • Essay about Critical Analysis: The Problems of OP-Ed

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    A) Succinctly summarize the author’s argument and how the social issue/problem is defined by the author; In this op-ed the authors argue the impact families in caring for their elderly verses the governmental influents that are imposed “families, not Government agencies, provide most services and care for the elderly. For every institutionalized senior citizen, there are at least two equally disabled elderly people receiving care at home.(Smyer&Plantz)” It is in the author’s opinion that elderly