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  • Open City Character Analysis

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    Asif Rahman English 320: Multicultural American Literature 25 October 2017 The novel, Open City, by Teju Cole is a story that demonstrates the life of the fundamental character, Julius, who is a Nigerian doctor doing his residency in New York City. In the novel, Julius is seen to be strolling around the city frequently. He does this in order to keep himself from his actual job, which is working with his patients. Julius uses the strolls to clear his mind of individual issues or situations. An example

  • Analysis Of Open City By Teju Cole

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    won the Pen Award, for his novel “Open City”. The Penguin Random House published this novel. Through his characters of this novel, Cole shows how the world around us discern visually through the eyes of bold, fearless immigrants, who try to go beyond their status to reach their goals. The first line of the novel, "Open City" by Teju Cole, “And so when I began to go on evening walks last fall, I found Morning Heights an easy place from which to set out into the city." This line joined the narrator,

  • Open City

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    Open City, although not the most-action filled novel, expresses globalization and its implications regarding transnational identity in a powerfully subtle way. The obvious aspect of the novel that expresses both globalization and transnationality is Julius’ background. His father is from Nigeria, his mother is half German and half American, he spent part of his childhood growing up in Nigeria where he attended a privileged, upper class school, and he moved to the United States where he went to medical

  • Neorealism In Open City

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    Historical films like Roberto Rossellini’s Open City (1945) The importance has in taking part of the Italian neo-realism movement that was important, This film was created after the fall of Benito Mussolini’s government, Rossellini wanted to create the film to show the realism and the after effect of the war, the films were created majority on the streets of Rome all the buildings and the infrastructures were damaged the film was well thought out Neorealism was a sign of cultural change and social

  • Critique on Open City Essays

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    Critique on Open City “Open City” is a neo-realist film that followed the movement in Italy during World War 2. The film is neo-realistic because it has that ‘reality’ like feeling to it by following specific characters through their daily stressful lives that are screwed up from poverty and war. It has many qualities that make it in some ways ‘closer’ to the characters. While watching, the viewer is sucked into the story and immediately feeling emotional with the families and the other various

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Open City '

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    The Role of Discrimination in Open City In the novel Open City by Teju Cole, the main character Julius is a multiracial man. Throughout the novel, it became evident that one of his flaws was that he seemed to have a problem forming relationships with others. The main reason for this was because of the abundance of discrimination in the world. Many individuals judge one another based on their race, religion, ethnicities, etc. Julius’s thoughts and actions show the extremely negative impact that judging

  • Open City by Teju Cole

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    Teju Cole’s phenomenally written original novel majorly takes place in New York City. Cole character was easy to relate to because of his Nigerian American decent being that I am a Ghanaian American. Cole is a Nigerian American. He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and came to the United States in 1992 at the age of seventeen. Cole is also well educated and is a graduate student at Columbia University. I found it insightful how in the novel Cole met several various types of people, including

  • Cosmopolitanism In Kwame Anthony Appiah's Open City

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    Globalism invites us to connect across boarders and cultures. It offers us the means to travel across the world by plane, train, automobile, or in the case of Open City by foot. Much of Open City takes place in moments of transit – whether that means taxis, plane-rides, or aimless walks in the city, Julius inhabits a space of constant flux. Yet, despite this continual movement, Julius finds himself stuck in transit, unable to connect. Due to his cosmopolitan outlook and alienation, Julius fails to

  • The Game Red Dead Redemption

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    what it was to a dying breed in modernizing world. The game Red Dead Redemption depicts what life was like in the American frontier in the early nineteen hundreds. The game Red Dead Redemption is an open world western created by Rockstar Games. Rockstar games decided to take a new approach on open world game such a Grand Theft Auto to offer a completely different perspective in a time in history. Rather then committing crimes in down LA, you are

  • Using Open Data For Business Choices

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    Helping Consumers It is safe to assume that the use of open data would effectively boost the strength of businesses. (Manyika, Chui, Farrell, Van Kuiken, Groves, & Almasi Doshi, 2013) And while this is true, the McKinsey Global Institute makes the bold claim that open data “benefits consumers even more than businesses.” (Manyika, Chui, Farrell, Van Kuiken, Groves, & Almasi Doshi, 2013) They go on to discuss the reasoning behind this, and it makes a lot of sense. While the data provided can be used