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  • Opium Poppy Drug Heroin

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    in color from white to black (Heroin Facts. (2017, August)). Heroin comes from the Opium Poppy plant, once it grows it is cut open and a white liquid comes out of it which is later turned into Morphine by adding hot water. After the morphine is mixed with other substances to make the drug Heroin (C. (2016, October 12)). The plant Opium Poppy has been around since the Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures. The First Opium War in 1839

  • Opium Poppy History

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    The opium poppy, known to ancient Sumerians as Hul Gil, this “joy plant” dates back as far as 3400 B.C.E. The plant has a rich history of cultural importance, medicinal uses, an irrefutable impact in the arts, and has been the cause of multiple wars, and the near downfall of societies (Opium, 1998). The cultivation of the opium poppy is widely accepted to have origins in the time of the ancient Sumerians (Opium, 1998). From here its use was passed on to future civilizations and played a crucial role

  • Transforming Opium Poppies Into Heroin

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    Heroin sold on the streets was only 10% pure. Towards the middle of the 1990’s, the purity level of heroin rose up to between 50 and 60 percent (Transforming). According to the article “Transforming Opium Poppies into Heroin,” the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Thomas Constantine, claims that the higher purity of the heroin has allowed drug addicts to administer it through various methods other than intravenously. Some methods include insufflation and smoking. Fortunately these

  • A Brief Note On Production Of Opium Production

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    Jebbeh Kiawoin Variation in Opium Production 12/13/16 Until the late 1980s, Myanmar was the world’s largest producer of opium with an average annual production of about 700 metric tons of opium between 1981 and 1987 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2016). Apart of the golden Triangle, consisting of 367,000 square miles that includes the countries of Laos and Thailand, Kokang and the Wa Region have always been major poppy growing areas in Shan State of Myanmar. These regions

  • The Social And Cultural Profile Of The Family

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    The Social and Cultural Profile of the Family Most of Myanmar/Burma is Buddhist. The Saw family is Christian of the Presbyterian denomination. My church, Paulin Memorial Presbyterian, sponsored much of the Saw family to come over to Canada. Tha Hser said that the country’s persecution of the Christian religion was not the reason he left Myanmar. He said the reason he left was “politics”. He went on to say that “It is messed up over there . . . it is much better over here”. 89 per cent of

  • The Importance Of Plants In Human Life

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    Plants are important life forms belonging to the taxonomic kingdom Plantae and are classified further by the hierarchical system to group similar plants together. Taxonomy is described as “the method by which scientists, conservationists, and naturalists classify and organize the vast diversity of living things on this planet in an effort to understand the evolutionary relationships between them” (Fenneman, 2017). How a plant is classified can be a clue to the uses for that plant in regards to

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rhizoctonia

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    1.1 Introduction of Rhizoctonia solani and its Anastomosis Groups The soilborne Basidiomycete fungus Rhizoctonia solani Kühn [telomorph= Thanatephorus cucumeris] is reported to cause economically important diseases on vegetables, fruits, staple crops and ornamental plants throughout the world (Jones and Belmar, 1989; Naito et al., 1995; Yang et al., 1990). The systematic of R. solani has been studied using morphological (Warcup et al., 1966; Sneh et al., 1991) and molecular characters (Vilgalys and

  • Essay On My Dreams

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    the door before he leaves for work. “Kimberly don’t forget to wake up poppy ’’he said. “Okay love you’’i said. He shuts the door furiously as he leaves for work . I have a 3 year-old daughter named Penelope but we call her poppy for short like the flower. I gave birth to her just after my mother died and my mother 's favorite flower was a poppy. Since Poppy has never met her grandma we decided that her nickname would be Poppy so she will always

  • My Dreams In My Life

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    Michael downstairs by the door before he leaves for work. “Kimberly don’t forget to wake up Poppy ’’he said. “I promise I will. Love you’’ I said. He shuts the door furiously as he leaves. We have a 4 year-old daughter named Poppy(like the flower). I gave birth to her just after my mother died and my mother's favorite flower was a poppy. Since Poppy has never met her grandma we decided that her nickname would be Poppy so she will always have a piece of her grandma in her. She is very hyper and probably

  • Summary Of Nancy Farmer's NovelThe House Of The Scorpion

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    countries, with name like Opium and Aztlan. As the reader travels through the story along with the characters, it becomes clear that Nancy Farmer wanted her fictional world to resemble reality. Further in the book, we come to learn that Opium is actually Arizona, the place that Nancy Farmer was born. In the beginning of the novel, the readers are just as confused as Matt, the main character, when it comes to the geography. Fortunately, Matt comes across a book, A History of Opium, that informs both Matt