Optical amplifier

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  • Investigated The Characteristics Of ( EDFA ) Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier?

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    Recent Research In March 2014, G. Ivanovs and V. Bobrovs [9] investigated the characteristics of (EDFA) Erbium doped fiber amplifier where The amplification and fiber depends on different EDFA parameters.A 2.5 Gbit/s one channel WDM transmission system were simulated and measured. Additionally, simulation of a 4 channel 2.5Gbit/s WDM system was also done containing in-line amplifiers to investigate the EDFA performance for multichannel system. As they obtained almost identical result of simulated and

  • The Importance Of Light Channels For RZ And WDM Transmitter System

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    The performance of spectrally efficient WDM system is analyzed in terms of Q-factor, BER and optical spectrum of the signal. Q-factor is given as:- (4) Where and are the average values of signal strength depending on

  • Design Of A Smart Blind Stick

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    will also only help in rehabilitation of blind individuals all around the world especially in poor countries where rehabilitation is quite limited to specific individuals. Significant components used are IR emitter, IR receiver, potentiometer and amplifier to form prime photo-electric sensor. Along with it DC battery, power switch and buzzer is connected in the blind stick. A photoelectric sensor is a device that senses a change in light beam intensity. Characteristically, this means either non-detection

  • The Process Of Bane Discombling

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    How to bias a tube amp Since the beginning of instrument amplification in the early 1900’s, listeners and instrument players alike have always had preferences as to how their amplification sounds, weather it be from a guitar amp or a tube radio. Most modern amplification for consumer music consumption is solid state, which means that instead of having vacuum tubes there are transistors. Although you can bias these amps you will almost never need to unless you change the the transistors for some

  • Tiana Brown Personal Statement

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    Once upon a time, a little girl from southern New Jersey dreamed of working in the television industry; the idea of being a part of creating television shows and movies amazed her immensely. But when she told her family, they quickly erased that dream from her mind. The little girl’s family wanted her to become a doctor, lawyer, or have any other profession most adults tell young children about. Because of this, she didn’t think her dream would ever come true. The only thig she wanted to do was please

  • Description Of The Hpge Gamma Ray Spectrometer

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    ) Description of the HPGe gamma-ray spectrometer A high resolution gamma detection system was used for gamma analysis. This system consist of an ORTEC hyper pure germanium detector (HPGe), model number GEM- 15190, coaxial type detector with a serial number 27-P-1876A recommended operating bias, negative 3 Kv. The detector used has crystal diameter 49.3 mm, and crystal length 47.1 mm. The HPGe detector has a full width at half maximum (FWHM) 0.9 keV at the 122 keV gamma transition of Co-57 and 1.9

  • A Report On Energy Efficiency

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    Abstract: Energy efficiency (EE) is an important objective in uplink wireless communications due to the limited capacity of batteries in user equipment (UE). Consider the scenario in which the access point (AP) serves a subset of UEs when available resources cannot support all of the UEs’ quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. In this project, propose a scheduling metric to balance the tradeoff between EE and fairness. Based on the scheduling metric, propose a suboptimal joint scheduling and resource

  • College Admissions Essay: A Career In Music

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    ins and outs of the physical realm within the music world. I want to know how the amplifiers that I use on a day to day basis function.

  • Thinking Outside The Idiot Box Analysis

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    Contemporary t.v. in today’s society has taken up a vast amount of time in people’s life. People can spend hours in a day just watching t.v. mindlessly, however, is this time spent watching t.v. making a person smarter? The television shows that people watch today are a primary form of entertainment for a majority of America, along with conveying information to viewers. For years now people have wanted dumb, simple tv, but as the culture began to develop more cognitively people want complex and

  • Good Online Guitar Lessons For My Nephew

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    It was few months ago that I was searching for some good online guitar lessons for my nephew. I think I must have scanned all possible avenues on the internet for that. If some had good textual content, they didn 't have video and audio, and if they had good video the tutor wouldn 't be good and so on. I thought that since internet is such a massive resource, I would definitely find some good online guitar lessons 'for free ' for him. But to my disappointment I didn 't find what I was looking for