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  • The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho Analysis

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    of Santiago Matamoros mounted on his white horse, with the infidels beneath his hooves. Point Of View, pg 73. “The Alchemist” is told in the third point of view, meaning that the narrator is not necessarily a character in the story. Therefore, the reader does not know how Santiago truly feels or thinks because he is not the one telling the story. The narrator writes how he acted and what he did, but we could not imagine how he truly felt. In “The Alchemist”, the point of view is not Santiago himself

  • How Is Santiago A Hero

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    undefeated”Hemingway develops Santiago as a hero in order to show how fragile things can be strong in the inside.Even Though santiago seemed like a weak old man, while he was alone at sea trying to catch a fish;he demonstrates how strong,positive,and undefeated he is. While santiago is in land he is a fragile old man and depends on the boy. “The boy took the old army blanket off the bed and spread it over the back of the chair of the old man’s shoulder”.When santiago is at sea he has no one to depend

  • Analysis Of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist

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    describe the life of Santiago, the main character of Paulo Coelho's novel The Alchemist. As a young boy he leaves behind his father’s idea of becoming a priest to follow the path of a shepherd, which he later abandons to follow his personal legend. Through the perspective Santiago’s journey, Coelho suggests that in order to further one's self, one must believe in self, believe in others, and a struggle with their belief. In the novel The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho suggests that in order to further one's

  • Was Santiago Innocent?

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    WAS SANTIAGO NASAR INNOCENT? In the novel, ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Santiago never really learns of the motive behind his murder. We are given a very bias view of the reason that he was murdered for. The only evidence against him was Angela’s word. There was no real proof that he was the one who had taken Angela’s virginity. Santiago might have had a very “shit” (Marquez

  • Finding The Journey InThe Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho

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    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a boy named Santiago is on a journey to find his treasure. He later pursues finding this treasure with the help of many other characters, and develops into a well-rounded, knowledgeable person. Paulo Coelho explains that if an individual keeps dreaming about one’s “treasure,” not only should one go and find it but also learn from your journey as one gets there. Paulo Coelho shows how Santiago overcomes his obstacles, in order to seek his treasure and defeat the challenges

  • Overcoming Adversity In The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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    Coelho, a boy named Santiago is on a journey to find his personal legend with the help of many characters. Consequently, he develops into a well-rounded person from the obstacles he overcomes. Coelho explains that if an individual persists in dreaming about a “treasure,” not only should one search for it, but also learn from the journey. This comes into act when Santiago is constantly in search for his desire. The author shows how Santiago defeats the challenges he must face in order to get to his treasure

  • Andalusia Setting

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    This is where the Santiago, is from. This location is where he travels with his sheep as a shepherd. Santiago travels these towns and villages to sell his sheep products such as wool. In Andalusia there is a church where he visits to sleep. Andalusia is a great environment for his sheep it has lots of open fields of grass. Santiagos sheep follow him becuase he helps find them food and water. All the sheep do is look for food and water and they are content with that. Santiagos sheep symbolize people

  • The Alchemist

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    but the buy suddenly disappeared. - When Santiago and the Alchemist were caught by the tribesmen. - When Santiago was in the pyramids then he was robbed again by the thieves that brought him to a near death experience. E. Climax - The climax is when Santiago saw a beetle at one spot of the pyramid, and start digging up to find the buried treasure. F. Resolution - For me the resolution is that when Santiago realized that the real treasure is where his heart

  • The Father, The Son And Santiago Nasar

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    Darla Calicher Mrs. Dowling IB/CITS English 11, Hour 2 11 March 2015 The Father, the Son and Santiago Nasar: Section Four journal Frequently, authors juxtapose the protagonists of their stories akin to historical, symbolic, or heroic figures. Throughout Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Marquez relates Santiago Nasar with the metaphysical and physical Jesus Christ; however, “no literary Christ figure can ever be as divine as Jesus Christ” according to Thomas Foster’s “ Yes

  • Theme Of Following One's Dream In The Alchemist

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    The Idea of Following One’s Dream as Presented in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist Many say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but what is often overlooked is the sheer amount of influence that words can have. However, in order to spread one’s ideas through speech with the capacity to impact the lives of individuals and the world itself, one must be skilled in doing so. At a glance, it is clear for one to see that Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist defines itself as a thought-provoking novel which explores