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  • Organic Chemistry Assignment : Organic Chemical Compounds

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    Organic Chemistry Assignment By: Shirelle Cogan 1a) Organic compounds: C3H4, C8H10, CH3CH2CH2CH3, Benzene Inorganic compounds: H2CO2 (aq), CO2 Why? We know that organic compounds always contain carbon bonds with hydrogen, but not all molecules containing carbon are organic. They can be carbon hydrogen bonds, carbides and carbonates. b) C6H10= alkene, Name: 1,2-hexdiene C3H4= alkene, Name= 1,3-propdiene CH3CH2CH2CH3= alkane, Name= Butane Benzene= aromatic substance, Formula=

  • What is a Volatile Organic Compound?

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    Research Questions What are VOCs? Describe their uses and hazards. Include the properties that make these compounds hazardous. Include an image of one such compond. VOC's stand for "Volatile Organic Compounds" and are carbon-based chemicals. These compounds include hydrocarbons, partially oxidized hydrocarbons, and organic compounds. They are emitted as gases from specifc solids and liquids. VOC's are used in a number of household and industry products, for examplle; fuels (propane/gasoline),

  • Identifying Organic Compounds Lab Report Essay

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    Purpose: To use indicators to test for the presence of organic compounds in certain substances. Hypothesis: Honey will contain sugars, egg white contains proteins, corn oil contains lipids, oats contains starches and proteins, gelatin contains sugars and proteins, potatoes contain starch, and apple juice contains lipids and sugars. Materials: 9 test tubes Test tube rack Test tube holder Grease pencil Hot plate 20 ml honey solution 20 ml egg white and water mixture 20

  • Chemical Reactions And Synthesis Of Organic Compounds

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    Organic chemistry is the complexity of natural compounds. It is applied to the production of mundane objects that include: plastics, polymers, soaps, detergents and drugs. Such compounds of organic chemistry involve the identification, modelling, chemical reactions and synthesis – it initiates the concept of design implemented in organic compounds (Helmenstine A, 2014). An example of an organic compound is the product of organic drugs in which are manipulated behind the chemistry of its design. A

  • Organic Compounds

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    Organic Compounds CH3CH2 - O - CH2CH2CH2CH3 This chemical is known as butyl-ethyl ether. It is a type of ether that is a "colorless liquid" and falls within the R-O-R functional group (Chemical Book, 2012). The compound is extremely flammable, and as such, fire and other safety professionals must take great care when handling chemical fires burning with the substance. The research shows that the compound "will be easily ignited by heat, sparks or flame," but also that "vapors may form explosive

  • Halogenated Organic Compounds Used as Flame Retardants

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    Among all the different types of flame retardants, halogenated organic compounds are most commonly used in flame retardant industry. These halogenated organic compounds contain bromine or chlorine attached to their carbon atoms. Major uses of theses flame retardants by volume in United States are():  Electronics  Building Insulation  Polyurethane Foam  Wires and Cables Out of all the flame retardants, the brominated flame retardants are used extensively used in the market because of their high

  • Volatile Aromatic Organic Compounds

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    1. Introduction The release of volatile aromatic organic compounds into the environment is a serious problem as they distribute between the different phases in natural systems. Sediments can be considered as a sink for volatile aromatic organic compounds because of their hydrophobic nature and the resulting affinity to the sediment 's organic matter. Organic matter consists of soft carbon, where portioning is the main sorption process and hard carbon, where pore filling mechanisms dominate (Zhao

  • identification of unknown organic compound

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    Identification of Unknown Organic Compound by Melting Point (M.P), Boiling Point (B.P) and Infrared Spectroscopy Methods and Background The main objective of this lab is to identify the given unknown organic compounds with various methods. Identification of an unknown compound is important to perform through the process of melting point (M.P), boiling point (B.P) and Infrared spectroscopy (I.R). Index of Hydrogen deficiency (IHD) and elemental analysis makes an experiment more efficient in

  • Synthesis Of Organic Compounds : Synthesis

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    Laboratory 5: Synthesis of Organic Compounds Introduction: In this experiment, aspirin will be synthesized from salicylic acid using acetic anhydride. The sodium salt was initially prescribed for its antipyretic and analgesic effects, but the salt was too irritating to the stomach, so a phenyl ester version was developed as a replacement. The esterified version passed successfully through the acidic stomach without irritation. It was hydrolyzed in the basic environment of the intestines,

  • Organic Chemistry : Chemistry Of The Compounds Of Carbon

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    Intro:- Organic chemistry is the chemistry of the compounds of carbon. Today, although many compounds of carbon are still most conveniently isolated from plant and animal sources, most of them are synthesized. They are sometimes synthesized from inorganic substances like carbonates and cyanides, but more often from other organic compounds. There are two large reservoirs of organic material from which simple organic compounds can be obtained: petroleum and coal. (Both of these are “organic” in the