Organization XIII

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  • Chapter 1 : A Short Story

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    solitude, she found herself following a sharp sound that grew louder the farther she traveled in the blank hallways. She was soon lead around a corner to a larger room she recognized as the training hall. Much to her surprise, she found nearly all the Organization members in the training hall sparring with each other, including... '...Roxas. I haven't seen him

  • Elion : A Short Story

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    There it is again, I think I'll follow it.’ The peculiar noise lead her to one of the houses touching the horizon, much to her surprise, Luxord was there sitting at a table along with a man in a top hat and a brown hare. “Luxord!” Xion bent down as she was too big and tall for them while standing up. “Wait-what're you doing?” “Tea and poker,” He answered, then added, “Care to join us?” “Actually—” “Yes, the tea we have is quite lovely, I'll pour you a cup since you asked!” The March hare poured

  • Short Story

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    knock-knock Before Xion could even lift herself out of bed to open the door, Roxas let himself into her room and plopped himself down on the bed. "Hey! Mornin' Xion!" He greeted. "...morning..." She yawned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "You sound enthusiastic, what do you want?" "I wanna go to this festival with you." "Where's it at?" "Twilight Town. There's this thing called a summer festival I've been hearing about since the last time I came there and they're giving out a bunch of

  • Narrative Essay

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    think we already found him." He looked past Xion and Roxas. "Saïx you can come out now! Your game of hide 'n' seek is over." Saïx revealed himself from the darkness. "It was hardly a game. What have you come here for?" "I was about to ask you the same thing. Funny for someone who always nags about completing missions, what are you doing out here neglecting your own job?" "Recon." Saïx answered frankly. "I wanted to find more about Hollow bastion. I intended to stay only for the night, however

  • Causes of the Wars of Religion.

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    The political causes of the wars of religion. Throughout history in contemporary Spain before the civil war, violence against persons associated with the Catholic Church, the symbols of their religion or their interests, has been known for its recurrent and prolonged in time as one of the salient dimensioned Spanish anticlericalism, which emerged in the liberal political ideology, then it would be taken up by more radical republican currents and the movement of the workers. were five killings

  • An Admirable Example Of The Modern State System

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    In the 16th and 17th centuries, many countries were on the verge of reformation. Many political, economical, and religious changes were taking place. The age of the new Modern State, the idea that a country and its inhabitants can be controlled successfully by one ruler, was on the rise. Before the 1600s, it was not rare for people to not associate themselves with an actual state; they simply were ruled by a local lord or aristocrat. They did not have a sense of belonging or patriotism, and seldom

  • The Origin Of Spain's Current Economic Crisis

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    On the Origin of Spain’s current Economic Crisis The economy of Spain has taken a downturn in 2011 since the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Unlike the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, where Spain was a global empire, modern Spain is facing a very stagnant economy. Spain’s “unemployment rate reached a record of 27 percent” in 2011. This shows that more than 1 in 5 Spaniards is struggling to feed their family. Luckily, things had gotten better. The October 2015 unemployment report shows that

  • The Influence of the Protestant Reformation

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    Matters concerning religion today were not like they were in the beginning of the sixteenth century. Before Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis starting the Protestant reformation, there was only the religion of Catholicism. The Protestant reformation, brought on by the northern renaissance, gave us diverse religions such as Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anabaptist, and many others. Although the spread of these new religions pleased the people of the country, the ruling authorities and catholic dignitaries

  • How Did King Louis XIV Of France Present Himself As An Absolute Monarch?

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    Regarding the Baroque period, it is stated "the period of time in Western Europe from about 1600 to the mid 1700s was one of religious, political, and scientific upheaval, and these tensions are reflected in the arts of the age." Focusing on the political end, King Louis XIV of France used the style of art during this period to portray himself as an absolute monarch. The phrase "absolute monarch" refers to the method that kings would use to consolidate their power and resources at the expense of

  • Ronald Heifetz Adaptive Leadership

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    The content in Part One of this book, by authors Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow and Marty Linsky, is relevant now, just as it was relevant 15 years ago. Heifetz guides us to defining the theory of adaptive leadership. The authors further reveal new and helpful concept for anyone called to lead. The book contains practices that “are best understood as vehicles for disciplined experiments”(10) . Also, the book includes examples to “strive to create positive, enduring change”(10) . The intent