Orthodox Church

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  • The Orthodox View Of Orthodox Church

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    Orthodox is a religion that is talked less among strong Christian believers. Many of the population don’t even know that it exists, youth, and old adults are more likely to discuss the religion Catholicism. Directly following the social protocol, many think that orthodox is a religion that died out long time ago and few never learns the history behind of its being in this world. Unlike the other denominations, Orthodox churches have followed strict rules and scriptures that have been passed down

  • Essay about A Lifelong Calling into the Orthodox Christian Church

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    The Orthodox Christian Church holds true to the teachings of Christ as given by Him to His apostles. The Orthodox Christian Church is universal and Orthodox Christians have a faith and doctrine of Jesus Christ Our Lord as Head of the Church. To date, the Orthodox Church teachings promote the central role of youth and children in the mission of the church. Being an Orthodox Christian is a lifelong calling to whoever is baptized and chrismated in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

  • The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

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    The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church holds a great belief in the “word-picture” of the church having believers in heaven as well as on earth, spanning time as well as space. The worship is incredibly spiritual and mysterious and a huge amount of incense and candles contribute to this by setting a frightfully heavenly aurora. Much belief relies on traditional methods of the church and what ideas have

  • Roman Catholic Church vs Eastern Orthodox Church Essay

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    the split of 1054, the Roman Catholic Church or Western church and the Eastern Orthodox Church or Byzantine church were almost one with each other. The two churches held the same ideals and got along with one another the majority of the time. They had previous splits in the past but they were never a permanent situation because they usually found a solution to their issues and differences. The split between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church in 1054 seemed to have no resolution

  • Essay about Saint Haralambos Orthodox Greek Church

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    attended a mass at Saint Haralambos Orthodox Greek Church. The church is located in Niles which is a suburb of Chicago on Caldwell Street in between Touhy and Howard Street. The mass I went to was on the Sunday of Orthodox which is known as the first Sunday of Lent where they honor the icons. The most important foundations that are highlighted in Greek Orthodoxy are the Bible and Holy Traditions that have been passed down (“Greek Orthodox Church”). The Greek Orthodox Church believes that the bible is motivated

  • Roman Catholic And Eastern Orthodox Church

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    Eastern Orthodox Catholics once included a solitary Christian church with two focuses of force, Rome and Constantinople. Known as the Great Schism, was the official split between Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Church. The Church split along doctrinal, religious, phonetic, political, and geographic lines, and the central break as never been mended. Though the Church split because of their differences, they still had some things that were similar. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox temples

  • Historical And Theological Issues Surrounding The Catholic And The Orthodox Church

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    There was many historical and theological issues surrounding the split between the Catholic and the Orthodox church. There were cultural factors that impacted how the religion was practiced. There was political factors, as per usual politics ruin everything. Aside from all the socio-political reasons the main reason there was a schism was because the east and west disagreed on aspects of religion. The Great Schism, was the event that divided Christianity into Western (Roman) Catholicism and Eastern

  • Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

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    feel with Christendom. The importance of this comes into play when I entered the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. I was not expecting to see and hear Mary venerated so highly. The first thing I saw upon walking in the entry way of the church were two icons, one of the adult Jesus and one of Mary, which is not entirely unusual, and I gave it a slight nod of respect. It wasn’t until I entered into the church proper that I was

  • The Differences Of The Eastern Orthodox And Roman Church

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    The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic, are two variations of the same religion, that due to some disagreements over certain ideas and religious teachings leads to the great Schism in 1054 AD. The great schism of 1054 refers to the final separation of the Eastern Orthodox church, led by the patriarch in Constantinople and the western church, led by Pope Leo IX. The estrangement between the Orthodox and Roman church, happened gradually over the course of the 5th and much of the 11th century. The

  • Personal Narrative-Roman Orthodox Church

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    I was standing in front of a brown brick two story luxurious Roman Orthodox church when my grandma collapsed on the heated concrete floor. Men standing near the elegant wooden doors leading towards the entrance of the church rushed out to help. As they were carrying my grandma inside the church doors, men and women of all ages were peeking through the circular windows above each of the arched windows. I stopped for a second because I was in disbelief. My grandma was fine twenty minutes ago. She was