Oscar De La Hoya

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  • Oscar De La Hoya Research Paper

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    The legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya a competitive, athletic Mexican-American born in Los Angeles, California. Oscar grew up in a family of boxing competitors. The nickname “The Golden Boy,” created by his classmates and fans during high school at James A. Garfield, gave De La Hoya worldwide recognition. He graduated from high school and the same year was selected as a 1992 Olympics competitor for boxing. The young boxer took home a gold medal in Barcelona at the Olympics. He has

  • Athletes Overpaid? Essay

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    When people think of the names Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and Oscar de la Hoya they think “superstar”, “professional athlete”, and “wealthy”. Some even think “overpaid” while others believe that they deserve every penny they earn. In 2010 NBA player Kobe Bryant signed a three-year $90 million extension with the Los Angeles Lakers (Source 2).Which equals $30 million per year. In 2009 Kobe Bryant’s contract was worth $25 million a year (Source 2). He received a five million dollar pay

  • Analysis Of Floyd Mayweather 's Life

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    Mayweather then hired his uncle Roger Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather won the lightweight championship in 2002. Then the super lightweight championship in 2005. Then Floyd Mayweather won the welterweight championship in 2006. Then Mayweather defeated Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 for the welterweight crown. Floyd Mayweather then beat Ricky Hatton in 2007. Mayweather shocked everyone when he retired in 2007. But then soon came back in 2009. Floyd Mayweather started gaining tons of money. Became the third highest

  • My Favorite Sports In The Rocky Movie

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    movie was my first introduction to the sport of boxing. Even though Rocky is the fictional character he is one of the most iconic boxing figures in the sport. Sure, there are boxing legends like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and Oscar de la Hoya. But for some reason, Rocky Balboa is the reason that I am a fan of the sport of boxing. As much I loved to talk about the Rocky movies or the other boxing legends that I mention above fights this is not what this paper is about. This paper is

  • Mexican Boxing Essay

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    There was a fight in Las Vegas this past weekend to determine who was the king of Mexican boxing. Saturday night, Canelo Alvarez took on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at the MGM Grand in front of thousands of prideful Mexicans and millions of fans worldwide. While there were two fighters in the ring, only one came with a purpose. As soon as the first punch landed, you knew it was going to be a long night for Chavez Jr. The 6-foot-1, tough chinned Mexican was under constant pressure from Alvarez all night

  • King Of The Ring : The King Of The Ring

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    the advertisement and it is also an excerpt from the Lord’s prayer, which gives us the fact that Pacquiao is religious.  Underneath the “Give Us This Day”, it shows the date “12.06.08”. This date embodies the day of the fight against his opponent De la Hoya. The main advertisement of the advertisement was Nike because not only was the Nike sign written on the bottom of the advertisement. But, also Pacquiao is wearing red, Nike shoes. The color red used in this advertisement maybe symbolic to blood

  • My Passion For Beauty

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    Since a young age, my life has been centered on artistic expression and a fascination for beauty. At the age of 9, I told my scientist mother and mathematician father that I wanted to be a ballerina. My parents were always big supporters of the arts, and encouraged me to try many creative outlets. They had no notion that my weekly ballet and tap classes would turn into a career to prosper. From that moment on, my life revolved around ballet. I loved every minute of the self-expression and precession

  • Thesis Statements Of Oscar De La Renta

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    there is a man that helped define the fashion industry and he helped create what it is today. That mans name is Oscar De La Renta. Thesis Statement: Oscar De La Renta started in the height of the fashion start with individuals such as Dior, Elizabeth Arden, and Versace, however he had to struggle to make himself known. Statement of Significance: I started really getting interested in Oscar when I was watching sex and the city, then of course after he died I felt that I would look more into him and

  • Marketing And Communication In Fashion Marketing

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    Fashion Marketing is a way to contribute to the field of the fashion industry’s process to success. I have always seen fashion marketing and communications as an opportunity, appreciation and passion for fashion and all that it stands for. Jobs within fashion marketing can include; merchandising, product development and production, trend forecasting, public relations, visual merchandising and marketing and leadership related positions. A large part of all these jobs is having an understanding for

  • Harper's Bazar As A Fashion Illustration Essay

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    My chosen illustration for this image analysis is a fashion illustration from the 20th century called La Cage Improvisée. It was used as the cover for the July 1922 magazine publication of Harper’s Bazar. The cover illustration was accompanied by the title, the year of the publication, and the price of the magazine. “Bazar assembles photographers, designers, artists and writers to deliver perspectives into the world of fashion and popular culture on a monthly basis” (Georgievska 1). At the beginning