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  • Analyzing Drum Creation Within The Basongye Bala Tribe Of Lupupa Ngye

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    Over a period of ten days, Alan Merriam takes his readers on a journey through the Basongye Bala tribe on their quest to create the perfect drum. Drum creation and music in general is an important element to the Basongye culture, this can be “witnessed” through this study by how detailed and extensive the process for drum making actually is, the Basongye people ensure every groove and nook is in its correct place. Additionally, the author reminds his readers that even though the purpose of this article

  • The First Repeated Word Is Child

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    love is or feels; for this reason, Paul explained that love should not have a negative feeling. That love should not bring people down, rather love should be of support. He explains that a person should not feel successful from the failure of the other person; or that a person should not irritate another

  • Argument Analysis: The Case For Torture By Michael Levin

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    headspace. He writes very bluntly and concisely, refusing to gently ease the reader into the subject matter. This can give the reader the impression that he unequivocally knows what he’s talking about. Levin doesn’t ever backpedal or consider the “other side” of the argument to be right in any way, however, he does make small rebuttals. At one point Levin acknowledges people that may make the argument that terrorists still have “rights”. He refutes this by saying that terrorists’ rights are essentially

  • Finding The Underlying Conflict Sam

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    should educate society. Are these filmmakers setting a stage for stereotypes and jokes that should not be laugh matters? In I Am Sam, Samuel Dawson is fun-loving, extroverted, and detail-minded. He favors routine and shows consistency in his love for others. When he’s not dressed in his Starbucks uniform, he is generally found wearing a neutral- colored polo and jacket. Sam is presented as a persistent and determined father who cares for anyone present in his life. His actions of love are displayed in

  • Descriptive Essay About My Father

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    It was a cold brisk morning which wasn 't a bad thing considering it discouraged the daily tourists taking their morning strolls while attempting to live out their New York fantasies, but this only had a minuscule effect on the already lively city buzzing with locals. I myself fit didn 't fit into the city though. I am a tall older man who is beginning bald and my fashion sense is a bit plain. I began my walk to work from my smaller apartment on the lower east side with my morning coffee and briefcase

  • The Night - Original Writing

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    he found them. His eyes drifted over to where Su Zhe rested on the bed, the gentle and steady rise and fall his chest indicating a deep and undisturbed cycle of sleep. Had Su Zhe developed feelings for him since the second time they met, when the other gripped his hand a moment too long? The stranger question in Jingyan 's mind was, did he

  • Taking a Look at Dramaturgical Sociology

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    an act of helpfulness and caring in the product that I am selling, I must change my approach according to each person. If I approach a customer and ask if they need assistance and they state they do not, then I must respect their decision. On the other hand if I have a person that need my assistance I must make myself available to this customer; therefor my attentiveness changes depending on costumers and their needs. For my performance to be successful my colleges and I must work together as a team

  • Theme Of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

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    What follows has been described above; the girls are exposed during a session in their church and ordered to stop seeing each other. Melanie obeys and accepts what they have been doing is wrong. In contrast, Jeanette refuses to accept this notion and her outlook on the relationship, which has also been described before, can be illustrated by what she says in her defense: “To the

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Twirling her keys around her pointer finger, a tall, dark-skinned girl had placed her hand on a glass door and slotted her keys into their keyhole and locked it, then tucked them back into her jean pocket. She tucked a strand of curly hair that had fallen out of it’s ponytail behind her ear as she turned the sign from open to closed. Turning around, she leaned her back against the shop windows, peered at the rows of flower arrangements along the walls, and sighed. Vivian pulled her apron over her

  • Personal Narrative : Freedom Day

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    so I 'm starting the day as soon as possible. As I opened my bedroom door my friends ran over and gave me lots of hugs. It only lasted a minute though for the house manager once again for the billionth time reminded us to not physically touch each other. I never liked the staff here, if I’m being honest. They were one of the many things I will never miss about Sov (this is the nickname we have for the facility). They were the babysitters of the houses. Barking orders around as if we are mindless drones