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  • Celtic Mythology : The ' Otherworld '

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    When it comes to celtic literature, the ‘Otherworld’ is a common theme found throughout various genres of literature which represents a sort of ‘heaven-like’ place. In Celtic mythology the Otherworld is depicted as a supernatural world that provides abundance, joy, and everlasting youth and beauty. We typically see the Otherworld as being very elusive, but in Celtic literature some mythical heroes get the opportunity to visit the Otherworld, sometimes by invite from one of it’s inhabitants or just

  • Manannan’s Country Beyond the Sea is the Same Otherworld, Different Journeys

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    Emhain (42). This Otherworld is one in which treachery is unknown (43), there is “nothing but truth, and where there is neither age nor withering away, nor heaviness, nor sadness, nor jealousy nor envy, nor pride.” (46). To the quick reader, this land seems as one of pure beauty and joy, however, Bran and Cormac show the same land in a very different light through their individual crossing over. Both men bring very many differences in their stories of this particular otherworld. When comparing His

  • The Moral Symbolism of the Green Girdle Essay

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    The symbolism of the girdle in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight changes and grows as the poem progresses, adding Gawain's honor and sin to seemingly separate ideas of an untamed nature related to the otherworld and animal instincts. Piotr Sadowski, in his The Knight on His Quest: Symbolic Patterns of Transition in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, calls the girdle a symbol of “complex moral truth” that the other knights of the Round Table fail to learn from, as Gawain does. While I agree that the

  • Scandinavian Mythologies Essay

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    two concept, one from each Celtic and Scandinavian Mythologies can be seen. The first concept is from Scandinavian mythology and is that of the idea of redemption or dying well. The second is from Celtic mythology and is the use of the "Other" or "Otherworld". From the two stories, The Faerie Queene and The Mabinogion, what would give the reader the greatest feeling of hope throughout them both would be the idea of comeuppance. To have the hope that in the end the good people will triumph and the

  • Druids Who Are They?

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    that the dead were transported to the Otherworld by the God Bile. Life continued in this location much as it had before death. The ancient Druids believed that the soul was immortal. After the person died in the Otherworld, their soul reincarnates and lives again in another living entity — either in a plant or the body of a human or other animal. After a person has learned enough at this level, they move on after death to a higher realm, which has its own Otherworld. This continues until the individual

  • Cernunnos Research Paper

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    he would sleep with her in her crone form. After this coupling, she would transform into a beautiful woman. This is believed to be a metaphor for a Celtic realm flourishing under a new king’s rule. In addition, Cailleach was associated with the Otherworld just like Cernunnos. Furthermore, she was a Goddess of all aspects of nature. She was honored during harvest festivals and was primarily associated with the growth of plants. This was not her only role, because she was also a Goddess of the wilderness

  • The Lais Of Marie De France

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    The extent to which the Lais of Marie de France can be categorized as fairy tales is dependent on the definition of “fairy tale.” Using various scholars’ definitions of “fairy tale” and conceptions of the fairy tale genre, criteria for “fairy tales” arises. Then, close-readings of three lais, “Guigemar”, “Lanval” and “Yonec”, are used as a mechanism for meeting or failing the criteria. This methodology is then evaluated and problematized. The criterion for fairy tales includes origin, form, content

  • Second Great Leaps Westward Case Study

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    From the summit meeting that occurred between the 1st and 2nd of January, the majority opinion among those in attendance was the continuation of the Great Leaps Westward, finishing it from the point it originally started almost a year earlier. With the Remnants beginning to become an important player in the Ryanite war effort, they started to work at the forefront in the assisting of the RGA and their allies’ goals. As a result of their cooperation, should the dubbed ‘Second Great Leaps Westward’

  • The Druids Essay

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    The Druids The Celtic people have a long history. They have been portrayed in films and other such forms of entertainment many times over. They are seen as a mystery to most. They are shrouded not only in their hooded cloaks but also in mysticism. Since Christian times Druids have been depicted as wizards, sorcerers, and soothsayers. In Pre-Christian times, however, they were revered as philosophers, judges, educators, historians, doctors, seers, astronomers, and astrologers. The word

  • The Celts And The Celtic Shorthorn

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    Spirituality and religion were very influential aspects of their lives. The Celts believed in the "otherworld" and the idea of sacrifices. These two ideas went hand in hand as sacrifices were always an honor for the victim, as it was their time to enter the "otherworld". Religion appeared in daily life for other reasons as well. For example, the circle in the Celtic Cross is a representation of the halo of Christ. The circle is also