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  • Essay on Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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    Willy Russell's "Our Day Out" Willy Russell has written many plays over the last thirty years, but there is one feature that is common to all of them: the issue of social and cultural background. This is the situation of the characters; their surroundings; their class; the society in which they are brought up, and the culture of that society. It is this that can lead to the behaviour, feelings, opinions and general outlook of the characters. Russell explores the effects that society and

  • The Importance Of Carol As A Character in Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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    The Importance Of Carol As A Character in Willy Russell's Our Day Out The play, "Our Day Out" was written by Willy Russell in 1976, set in Liverpool. Willy Russell was born in 1947 near Liverpool, he has also written other plays such as, Educating Rita, Shirley Valentine and Blood Brothers. The play "Our Day Out" was originally written for television and was televised on BBC 2, 1977. It is a celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen

  • Analysis of the Cliff Scene in Willy Russell's Our Day Out Essay

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    Scene in Willy Russell's Our Day Out The title of the play is 'Our Day Out' Willy Russell wrote it in 1977. He was born in Whinston Lancashire. He grew up in Knowsley; a model village set in the countryside outside Liverpool. Once Russell had qualified as a teacher he worked at Shortfields Comprehensive School in Liverpool where his experiences lead him directly into the writing of 'Our Day Out'. While it was written in

  • Our Day Out Play Analysis

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    It was essential for us to watch a live theatre performance for our Unit 2 of our GCSE’s, ergo on January 27th 2016 we attended a performance of ‘Our Day Out’. This took place at the Moseley School Theatre and it was performed by Moseley School students in years 7-11 (12-16 year olds). The directors, writers, directors and cast selectors were Moseley School drama teachers, Mr Pullen and Mrs Ellis. They used Proscenium staging. The stage had many three different permanent levels and there were also

  • Our Day Out by Willy Russell Essay

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    The play Our Day Out by Willy Russell. "Our Day Out" The play "Our Day Out" by WillyRussellraised many questions about education, school trips, and how teachers react to different and less able kids. In my C.E.L. I shall answer two important questions that I feel were raised in this play, and explain how the writer made me aware of these issues. I shall also explain clearly my response to these issues. "Mrs. Kayscans the beach, Carolcannot be seen." This is something whichdefinitelywould

  • Two Teachers In Our Day Out By Willy Russell

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    Our Day out ‘Our Day Out’ is a written play by Willy Russell that reflects on the life the lower class of England live, also addressing the ‘progress class’ children that aren’t given any chances to develop themselves and get a real shot at life. This is all represented through a day out. The play is dramatic and at times comedic. There are two teachers in the play, both with contrasting personalities,Mrs Kay a very lenient and kind teacher, and Mr.Briggs a firm, strict teacher. During this short

  • Personal Narrative Essay About Moving

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    Nobody really likes to move. At least, I know I don’t. We were living with my grandparents in Tashkent when I was in second grade. We moved into our house in Manhattan when I was about 9 years old. Life was going great. I had lots of good friends that I had been around for a lot. I really liked where we were living and I did not want to leave what I had always known. My dad had a job that required him to travel around other places. Somehow the idea jumped into his head that he wanted to move. In

  • John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men And Our Day Out

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    In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the theme of social deprivation in Of Mice and Men and Our Day Out. John Steinbeck, writer of ‘Of Mice and Men’ lived in California in 1930’s and the novel was written in the time of the Great Depression in America. As a result the people were in poverty. The reason why there was a great depression was unemployment and stock market crash. The novel is about two itinerant workers having a dream about buying a farm. Social deprivation was conspicuous

  • Essay on Three Passions

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         The three passions that have dictated the direction of my life have been sports, friends and family. My first passion, sports, has guided me through temptations such as drugs and dropping out of school and has kept me on the right track. My second passion, much the same as my first has helped to deflect the many temptations of life. It is my friends who have stuck with me through the ups and downs and it is to them that I owe much of what I am today. My third and strongest

  • Comparing Social Deprivation Between ' Of Mice And Men ' And Our Day Out '

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    Compare Social Deprivation between ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘Our Day Out’ ‘Of Mice and Men’, published in 1937, was written by John Steinbeck. This novella was issued during The Great Depression; due to the Wall Street Crash citizens of America lost all their life saving leaving them in an unfortunate position – no work, no money and shattered dreams. Prior to the Depression, people thought that the American dream was possible, but after the Wall Street Crash, individuals began to realise the dream