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  • Over The Rainbow Analysis

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    “Over the Rainbow,” or popularly known as “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is a poignant ballad expressing a deep longing and hope of an escape from the worldly troubles. The song was originally written for the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, with its music created by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Yip Harburg. It won the Best Original Song in the Academy Awards on the same year. “Over the Rainbow” is one of the greatest American standards of the 20th century, a cultural gem significant for preservation. The

  • Scene Analysis : Over The Rainbow

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    Unaccompanied, the song “Over the Rainbow” tells the story of a girl dreaming of a world that is not her own. But with visual aids and closer attention to the nuances in instrumentation, the song reveals an uncomfortable duality — that between pursuing one’s dreams and staying close to home. The shot composition of the scene in which Dorothy sings “Over the Rainbow” tells a story itself. The scene is composed of one brief shot and two long takes, the first of which is centered on Dorothy throughout

  • Prescription Over Counter Drugs Essay

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    Prescription and over the counter drugs. If you asked the vast majority of people in the US if there a problem with more of the well-known prescription and over the counter drugs they would tell you no. Take ibuprofen for example, many people think that this drug is absolutely safe with only a very small chance of it harming you in any way. But just last year the FDA has strengthen the warning on all NSAID’s. NSAID’s stand for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and ibuprofen lands in that category

  • Pros And Cons Of Birth Control Over The Counter

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    De’Asia Love Professor Sedberry English 101 12th April 2017 Stopping Over-The-Counter Birth Control As a women, there are many things females go through every day. The most complex thing about being a women, is becoming pregnant. Any females probably does not want to be pregnant at the time. As well as having safe sex, the female wants to protect themselves at all times. What I mean at all times is that females have an advantage, which helps out more than a condom. Their advantage is birth control

  • Starry Night Over The Rhone

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    The Starry Night over the Rhone is a beautiful piece by Van Gogh. The majority of the painting gives me a sense of stillness and quietness while the bottom fourth of the painting makes me feel like something is coming to disturb that stillness. From spectating the painting on the computer, I can see some of the brush strokes that Van Gogh made on the canvas. The way he painted it makes me feel like I’m looking at puzzle pieces of the world being fit together on this one canvas I think there is much

  • Analysis Of Starrry Night Over The Rhone

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    to fear the dark. However, artists can overpower this through their use of color, light, movement, and placement, turning something with the potential for darkness into a beautiful and calming scene. Vincent Van Gogh did exactly this in Starry Night Over the Rhone, creating a peaceful mood through his use of serene colors, bright lights, movement, and the placement of a couple. Van Gogh’s color choice is largely responsible for the mood his painting creates. Upon first glance, the viewer can quickly

  • Voice Of Voice Over Internet Protocol

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    Abstract When Voice over Internet Protocol was being introduced, it was perfectly engineered to work using the existing model and infrastructure without bearing huge cost. VoIP uses Internet Protocol to connect, transmit and terminate the calls. Most of the industry is using VoIP services to connect their offices locally, in different cities and in different countries. VoIP enables User/client to place a telephonic call to their offices/friends/families. This paper will focus on how VoIP works and

  • Literary Analysis over One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest Essay

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    LITERARY ANALYSIS One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a novel written by Ken Kesey during a time in our society when pressures of our modern world seemed at their greatest. Many people were, at this time, deemed by society’s standards to be insane and institutionalized. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is set in a ward of a mental institution. The major conflict in the novel is that of power. Power is a recurring and overwhelming theme throughout the novel. Kesey shows the power of women

  • One Flew Over Cuckoo

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    One flew over the cuckoo’s nest Director: Milos Forman Cast : jack Nicholson, Brad Dourif, Will Sampson, Dani Devito, Louise Fletsher… Synopsis: When Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) gets transferred for evaluation from a prison farm to a mental institution, he assumes it will be a less restrictive environment. But the martinet Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients cowed through abuse, medication and sessions of electroconvulsive

  • How To Write A Story Chapter 1

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    security guard looked as scary as a biker. I dragged Salim to an alleyway with Kat close behind. I jumped up on the fence and tried to vault over it but failed miserably. I could hear it laughing at me like I was a clown in a circus. Scrunched up my face and tried once more. I could hear shouting and glanced behind me to see him getting closer. I finally got over and could see Salim and Kat at the end of the alley. “ Come on!” Salim shouted as he rounded the corner. My chest was heaving by the time