Over the Rainbow

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  • Over The Rainbow Analysis

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    “Over the Rainbow,” or popularly known as “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is a poignant ballad expressing a deep longing and hope of an escape from the worldly troubles. The song was originally written for the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, with its music created by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Yip Harburg. It won the Best Original Song in the Academy Awards on the same year. “Over the Rainbow” is one of the greatest American standards of the 20th century, a cultural gem significant for preservation. The

  • Scene Analysis : Over The Rainbow

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    Unaccompanied, the song “Over the Rainbow” tells the story of a girl dreaming of a world that is not her own. But with visual aids and closer attention to the nuances in instrumentation, the song reveals an uncomfortable duality — that between pursuing one’s dreams and staying close to home. The shot composition of the scene in which Dorothy sings “Over the Rainbow” tells a story itself. The scene is composed of one brief shot and two long takes, the first of which is centered on Dorothy throughout

  • Over the Rainbow

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    What transforms a piece of information into evidence? when it comes from a reputable source when it is supported by a citation when it is used to support or refute something when it uses transitional words and phrases What is an example of a reference marker that a source might use? quotation print Web page numbering If a hard fact or visual representation of a fact is needed, which method of incorporating evidence would be most effective? summarizing providing data paraphrasing

  • Judy Garland's Song 'Over The Rainbow'

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    Popular Music Paper: “Over the Rainbow” The song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” originally appeared in the movie the Wizard of Oz in 1939. It was created to be a part of the movie’s soundtrack. Its original title is “Over the Rainbow”, but it is now more popularly known as “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Judy Garland was the actress in the movie who performed this song. Edgar Yipsel Harburg wrote the lyrics for “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and Harold Arlen was the composer for this song. This song

  • Analysis Of The Play ' Somewhere Over The Rainbow '

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    first song called “Nobody Understands Me.” Then the evil Mrs. Gulch comes in threatens to call the authorities after Toto bit her. Dorothy wants to escape and go see the world which opens up to the most well-known song of the Play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Dorothy leaves the farm and meets Professor Marvel who tells her about the “Wonders of the World.” Then a twister disrupted their conversation and Dorothy has to run home for shelter. She makes it back inside the house and end up hitting her

  • Short Story :Somewhere Over The Rainbow?

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    front door, where she stood in front of the brass door knocker, the only remaining implement from when this house first stood. Mary could already hear her mother in the house. She was singing her favorite song from when she was a kid, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Mary had loved it since she was just a child, but now, it was a song she despised. Her mother had stopped singing it to Mary when her father had passed, about twelve years ago. But when the voices started to devour her mother, that was always

  • Judy Garland Song 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

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    Judy Garland singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” was lovely. She was a great singer who had a beautiful and rich voice. Her voice is incredible because of how much emotion you can hear from every note she sings. Her voice has really good clarity and vibrato which helps liven up her voice and gives us that warm and caring voice. Her voice reminds me of the singers that sing childrens nursery songs because of how much emotion and calmness can be heard. And from watching the video you can immediately

  • A Report On The Day Of Rainbow

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    The Ponyville weather team struggled with weather patrol duties when Rainbow Dash took an outstanding vacation from work. Although they cleared most of the rain clouds from the morning’s rainfall, a few scattered clouds hung over Ponyville, but the sun remained dominate with its sunlight shinning on the land. Despite Rainbow being on her well-deserved vacation—considering that she would often be left with most of the work load through insurmountable excuses of either sickness or lateness from her

  • Rainbow Bridge History

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    up a person's day. Give them a rainbow” was said by Anthony T. Hincks. It is true that many people like seeing the wonderful rainbow after a rainstorm but there is never one rainbow that stays more than a few minutes at most. However there is a rainbow that has been standing for over 50 years, it’s called the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge provides a lot of great history, many new cultures and interesting activities for tourists to take part in. Rainbow Bridge contains many interesting

  • Rainbow Fish Book Analysis

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    Text: The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister Grade level equivalent: Pre-K and Kinder Genre: Picture Book Synopsis: It is a picture book about a Fish, named Rainbow Fish, who thinks he is too beautiful to hang out with all the other fish. As a result, Rainbow Fish ends up lonely. At the end, Rainbow Fish learns that it is better to have friends than to be prideful. Demands of the Text Genre/organizational demands: Picture books are books that contain many illustrations, especially for children. The