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  • Embracing Smart Classrooms : A Wave Of Excitement And Interest Essay

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    later the overhead projector was created and revolutionized the way students learn and teachers teach. In 1951, videotapes hit the television screens in schools. This allowed the students to learn in a different, more entertaining way (Petrina). All of these inventions are electronics that completely changed education during its time. In today’s classrooms, we do not use the radio as much. However, even after 60 years people are still using overhead projectors and videos to teach. The overhead projector

  • Reflection In Art Writing

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    The key realisation recognised throughout my art practice this semester has been my investigation of various binaries; including the study of public and private spheres, internal and external thoughts, and individual works versus participatory projects. Further consideration of nostalgia, poetry, and the idea of absence has also been prevalent within my current artwork. This semester I’ve also begun examining the connection my practice has to gesture and the body where my handwriting is perceived

  • My Guided Walk Through Experience

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    As I walked toward the entrance I took a deep breath and exhaled. Several emotions rushed through my veins. I was nervous, anxious and curious to discover what lied behind the doors of the Model Laboratory School. I had a positive attitude and a clear and open mind of what my observation hours would teach me within the following months. I knew from previous experiences that each teacher had their own philosophies, expectations, and rules they held for their students. I also knew that I, the observer

  • Observation Of Teaching A Teacher's Classroom

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    On Friday, December 1st at 10 o'clock I had the opportunity to observe Mrs. Makara's classroom for 45 minutes while the class was doing reading stations. The class is organized into six table groups with five students in each group. Mrs. Makara's overhead screen hangs in the front of the room near her table. I noticed that the class was arranged this way in order for all the students to all easily see the screen as well as collaborate with one another for the assignments and projects that are assigned

  • Art Reflection

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    This semester my art practice has primarily focused on utilising carefully constructed language as opposed to previous stream-of-consciousness techniques, while further investigating participatory projects, and assemblage as a new form of installation. The importance of memory and the handwritten repeatedly warranted further consideration during the course of the semester and became a fundamental element in each work. Conceptually, my practice has evolved into a critique of diaristic language by

  • Lesson Overview : Jane O ' Connor's ' The Fabulous Fashion Boutique '

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    Lesson Overview: In her Fancy Nancy series, author Jane O’Connor introduces a variety of “fancy” words to young readers that include descriptive vocabulary words. In Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique, there are many economic vocabulary terms embedded within the text and story. These words relate to economics standards for second grade social studies. This lesson will introduce students to key economic vocabulary embedded within the text, as well as to illustrate key economic concepts

  • Integrative Case: What Went Wrong at University Hospital?

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    also has to motivate the employees to pay attention to the training and let them practice to get used to it. Secondly, the design training has to be interesting. The last training session is good that has a laptop computer hooked up to an overhead projector but the session was conducted by the outside engineer. The instructor also needs to guide that how these new devices can apply to the employees’ job. Additionally, the training session has to design for everyone that has different preferences

  • The Benefit of Thinking Maps and Document Cameras to Our Curriculum

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    assigned to the grade level classrooms that support our ELA students. These students are grouped for the team-teaching model that is supported by our district. The integration of the document camera will be used in concert with previously installed projectors and whiteboards. The document camera will be used to: • Model specific lessons • Analyze student writing • Display exemplary student work • Use math manipulatives for whole group modeling • Guide reading instruction, making any size of book

  • Innovation and Changes

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    be found in the college. During the old days, the lecturers normally used OHP projector to teach. Compare to LCD projector, OHP was without computer and it can be used itself with the transparency slides. Due to the computer price getting cheaper and people starting to had their personal laptop, the used of power point presentation become more and more popular. Over the time, LCD projector had took over the OHP projector, the lecturers have to transfer the teaching material from the transparency into

  • Technology : Technology And Technology

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    16 years ago when 9/11 happened, some people didn’t hear about until later in the day and maybe even after the day it happens. In my I210 class there are about 10 projectors projecting the lecture slides to be seen from any angle and position in the room. Mostly in middle school but some in high school, there was a overhead projector in each room that the teacher would sometimes use all day. Those things were loud, the got hot, hard to keep clean, and you could only show material that you have on