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  • Mandatory Overtime

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    (ILO 1999). Workers are also clocking more overtime hours. Almost one-third of the workforce regularly works more than the standard 40-hour week; one-fifth work more than 50 hours. The growth in overtime work, while helping to drive the healthy growth in output in the U.S., has unhealthy social costs. It is taking its toll not only on workers, but on their families, communities, and, ultimately in many cases, patients, customers, and

  • Persuasive Essay On Overtime Pay

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    Overtime Pay Laws: Everything You Need to Know Overtime pay laws are an important aspect for any company to think of when choosing to bring on new employees. Such laws dictate what types of industries as well as what types of employees can benefit from overtime pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was implemented in 1938 to set forth a minimum wage rate and establish wage rules for employees, particularly those under the age of eighteen. When employees works over 40 hours a week, they are entitled

  • Working Overtime And Its Effects On The Healthcare Facility

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    Overtime is a growing issue that the healthcare system has been and is still dealing with for many decades. Multiple research articles from various timespan were studied to explore the outcomes of nurses working overtime. The research established that nurses working overtime not only had a negative impact on their physical and mental health but also on the rate of absenteeism. The economical analysis stated that working overtime has a negative impact on the healthcare facility’s finances. The analysis

  • Overtime and Job Satisfaction in Hilton Shanghai Hongkiao

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    [pic] Working overtime and Job satisfaction in Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Name: Yujie Hou Relation No. 74759 Mentor: Sandy Loup Internship in Front Desk & Executive Lounge, Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, China Stenden University Leeuwarden The Netherlands Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

  • The Never Ending Struggle For Companies

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    An epitome of this battle was displayed in the recent issues uncovered at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, beginning in late 2013/early 2014. At this time, it was testified by nurses employed at Greenbrier that our hospital policy regarding their overtime pay had been altered. It was clarified that the policy used to state that nurses working an extra shift or call day received time-and-a-half pay for that amount of time spent working; with the amount of full-time hours already worked that week

  • Project Management Skills And Knowledge Of Change Management Processes

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    employee dissatisfaction, overtime payment and a reduction on the volume of patients seen. The objective of my project was to decrease the agency’s overtime payment from 40 hours to 0 by December 12, 2014. Overtime payments are not necessary a bad thing, in fact overtime payments can be a successful employee retention strategy. Employees who collect overtime regularly will be less tempted to migrate to another company. (Tuggle 2014) However, in our case mandatory overtime

  • Roanoke Case Study Examples

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    Before the last several months, the Roanoke Branch of Phoenix has been a vital part of the Phoenix Advertising family. In an attempt to increase profitability, the branch recently instituted its own policies regarding overtime and compensation. However, a lack of employee morale and a decline in the quality of client product were the outcome. Roanoke has experienced 20 percent of its top management people leaving for positions with a competing agency along with additional design team members threatening

  • Sample Letter For A University Program

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    Memo for president Transparency University is a private not-for-profit university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, which is located in Crockett, Texas. Over the years, we have held commencement ceremonies twice a year; at the end of the two long semesters. We take pride in the fact that we are able to distribute diplomas to graduates who are qualified immediately after the commencement ceremonies, and because of this, the event has a high attendance rate. The planning and orchestration

  • Penn Foster Exam 05002300 Essay

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    with the entire Creative Services department. I met with Martha Johnson, General Manager of the branch, and we reviewed the last 12 months of business reports. We also reviewed the policy and procedure manual in regards to new client accounts and overtime compensation for salaried employees. During the last two days of my visit, I was able to conduct telephone interviews with both satisfied and dissatisfied clients of the Roanoke branch. I also mailed out satisfaction surveys to the remainder of the

  • Traumatic Nurse Turnover

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    Hospitals and nursing facilities don't understand the effects mandated overtime has on someone untill it's to late. So I guess in the eyes of an employer, having a fatigued nurse at your bedside is better than none at all. Last, but definitely not least, the third reason I feel mandated overtime for nurses should be done away with is the high turnover rate of nurses. If facilities treated their nurses well, stopped mandatory overtime and developed great relationships with their nurses, they would, in