P. G. Wodehouse

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  • An Essay About Alcatraz

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    The Alcatraz By: Tom There is a quote saying, “ Break the rules and you go to prison, break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz”? It is about the prison Alcatraz! It is the place where the convicts of the century were prisoned, like Al Capone, Birdman, Machinegun Kelly, and others. In the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Alcatraz is featured in a downloadable zombie survival map called "Mob of the Dead"(10 fascinating facts about Alcatraz 7) . It might be interesting to know about history

  • Gilbert Keith Chesterton Analysis

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    Mr. Gilbert Keith Chesterton was a fascinating man. He weighed nearly 290 pounds. He was so large that P. G. Wodehouse once described a very loud sound as “a sound like G. K. Chesterton falling on a sheet of tin.” Chesterton once remarked to George Bernard Shaw, his friendly enemy in many a debate and exchanged essay, “To look at you, anyone would think a famine had struck England.” Shaw responded, “To look at you, anyone would think you have caused it.” Chesterton originally attended the Slade

  • Chaser John Collier Analysis

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    The Story Alan Austen, a young man who is passionately in love with a young woman who is indifferent to him, comes to the establishment of a mysterious old man who deals in magic potions. Austen has been told that he can buy a potion that will make the object of his affections fall madly in love with him. The old man shows little interest in the financial profit to be gained from selling Alan a love potion. Instead, he devotes most of his sales talk to recommending a potion that he calls a spot remover

  • The English Language, The Word `` Nigger ``

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    In the English language, the word "nigger" is an ethnic slur, usually directed at black people. The word originated as a neutral term referring to people with black skin, as a variation of the Spanish and Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger . It was often used disparagingly, and by the mid-twentieth century, particularly in the United States, its usage became unambiguously pejorative, a racist insult. Accordingly, it began to disappear from popular culture, and its continued