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  • Essay On Getting Ready For Pageant

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    Many people think getting ready for a pageant is time consuming and stressful. But, in reality it can either be time consuming and stressful, or if you are prepared it will not be time consuming or stressful. Here is the process that it takes for one young lady to get pageant ready, but yet has not competed in the pageant. When preparing for a pageant it’s not just waking up in the morning to go get your hair and nails done, to putting on the dress and walking the stage there is more behind the curtain

  • Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty Pageants What is a Beauty Pageant? A beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, although some contests have evolved to also incorporate personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges ' questions as judged criteria. In American culture, beauty pageants have been around since the 1960s. The Beauty Pageants first started in Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey for

  • Child Pageants

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    show Toddlers in Tiaras. Most see it as a harmless pastime for the children, but child beauty pageants are far from harmless. In recent years, child beauty pageants have become increasingly popular all over the U.S, making it a 5 billion dollar industry. Almost 5,000 pageants are held with 250,000 children participating with the majority of the contestants under the age of twelve (“Child beauty Pageants”). Unfortunately, what most viewers do not realize is that many contestants will suffer from sexual

  • How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant Short Story

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    In the story, “How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant” by Cindy Bosley, the narrator tells her story about how she lost the Junior Miss Pageant. She takes us on a journey about how she watched pageants and rated the females as if she was the judge and how she got into the pageant and practiced. She told us about her and her mother’s struggles with money, men and ultimately how she lost the pageant. She went even further after the pageant was over, to tell the reader how disappointed her mother was because

  • Child Pageants Analysis

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    Dazzling dresses, sparkling jewelry, and perfect makeup sounds like every girl’s dream, right? Sadly, these are just a few of the things that are used to lure children into the clutches of the detrimental world of pageants. Child pageants may seem to be fun and games, just look pretty to win a prize, but the damages it can do to a young girl brings new light to the subject. Parents are submitting their kids to be judged by fully grown adults, based solely on their child’s incredibly altered appearances

  • Child Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty Pageants: From the Title of Mini Supreme to America’s Next Top Model English 106 Cassie Robinson 3 Otober 2012 Abstract Beauty pageants have changed drastically in the past fifty years. Beauty pageants used to be all adult females who dressed in their Sunday best and walked on the catwalk at the county fair. Now, little children are decked out in glitzy outfits, have wigs that make their hair twice as long, and have teeth to make it seem like their baby teeth haven’t fallen out yet

  • Beauty Pageant Economics

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    a contestant has to pay to participate in beauty pageants. Along with a breakdown of the cost of other expenditures such as gowns, coaches, salon visits, and tanning, contestants also pay entrance fees and the audience pays for seating. This article describes how much veteran contenders pay for and consider necessary items. Understanding expenses explains the pressure felt by both pageant participants and their support to succeed. Beauty Pageant Economics: The Sash Isn’t Cheap was transcribed by

  • Beauty Pageants Banned

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    Although most people say that beauty pageants are not always a bad thing, knowing that just like about most things in the world, there are the bad and good aspects. Pageants can definitely have a negative affect on a child. Children’s beauty pageants should be banned because they can be exploitative and detrimental to a child’s mental and physical health. They can cause children to have unhealthy egos, and a negative mindset towards themselves and others. Not only can children be negatively affected

  • Beauty Pageants Bad

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    Beauty Pageants, Good or Bad? Pageants world wide have caused plenty of drama and arguments, for example Toddlers and Tiaras. Have you ever realized how many arguments and disputes happen on that show? And, have you ever realized how bad beauty pageants are to our youth? Beauty pageants teach kids at a young age to think that they are better than someone else. Parents sexualizing kids by putting them in pageants the kids are too young to tell there parents no, and they use too much hairspray,

  • Beauty Pageants Controversy

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    idea of beauty contests was made in 1854. Phineas Taylor Barnum desired for Beauty pageants to be held, but it didn’t take off until later on. The first Beauty pageant called “Atlantic City’s Inter-City Beauty Contest” was held at Atlantic City in 1921. The first woman to win was Margaret Gorman. There are beauty pageants for a variety of ages. There are beauty pageants for women and for girls. Beauty pageants have been controversial. Race and the idea of beauty have contributed to this controversy