Palace of Westminster

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  • Palace Of Westminster Research Paper

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    Imagine it's 1834 in London and the Palace of Westminster had just caught ablaze and is burned almost to the ground by a massive fire.Now imagine yourself winning a competition and being allowed to create a master peice that would stand for years to come.Architecht Sir Charles Barry and gothic architect Augustus Pugin won the competition and got the chance to design the new Palace of Westminster.The Palace of Westminter is comonly known as the House of Parliament and holds the U.K parliament, but

  • Assignment 4 Pugin

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    Leigh Hamilton AA100 TMA 4 In what ways did Pugin’s revival of the Gothic use tradition as a form of dissent? Essay Plan Introduction – What is dissent? Introduce Pugin Paragraphs 1 & 2 – Pugin’s aims and inspiration Paragraph 3 – Attack on the era of Reformations and Protestantism. Plate 4.7 “decay of taste”. Difference in Church styles. Paragraph 4 – Treatment of the poor. Plate 2.4.11 Paragraph 5 – “Christian” architecture – pointing upwards. Paragraphs 6 & 7 – Emphasis on Britain’s’ greatness

  • Gothic Architecture : Augustus Pugin And The Industrial Revolution

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    Augustus Pugin was a renowned architect and overall designer who believed and fought to bring back Gothic architecture. Aside living with his father who was a draftsman, he was also profoundly influenced by religion in his struggle to bring back what he regarded as the sound and honest kind of architecture. Thus, he became a pioneer in the Gothic Revival movement as he felt the proper values that came with Gothic architecture had been lost with the start of the Industrial Revolution. Gothic is a

  • Why Is The City Important In The London City

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    specific ones: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and London Eye. The Buckingham Palace and Big Ben have a great historical background, while the London Eye is visited by tourists for leisure. All three of these landmarks are usually considered to be in the top five landmarks of most popular in the city. For this reason, it brings a lot of money into the city as well. Buckingham Palace was the headquarters for administration however is now used for the Monarchy. The Buckingham Palace is open to visitors; however

  • Guy Fawkes French Revolution

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    the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, the Roman Catholics from London made a plan in order to blow up the House of Lords which held King James the First. “The plotters rented a cellar extending under the palace, and Fawkes planted 36 (some

  • The Magical World Of Bartimaeus The Tower Of London

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    London” (Wiki). The Tower of London used to be the residence of the royal family, but today it is used as a treasury that contains many valuables of the royal family, including The Crown Jewels of England; crown. During the following years after The Westminster Hall was built, the Tower of London was being “used as a prison” (Wiki), and later not perceived as a resident for the royal family. Although they do not use it for that purpose any more, it is a very common place to visit when traveling to London

  • Guy Fawkes Analysis

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    What Does Guy Fawkes Say? Philip James Bailey captures the essence that, “Man is a military animal, glories in gunpowder, and loves parade” (Bailey 213). It is definitely easy for us to recall Baileys judicious argument between him and his hearers. We are what we can call ourselves a little animalistic. We realistically savor each valuable moment within a fight. For instance, we have this parade that allows us to enjoy our fifteen minutes of fame, just for doing well in the fight. The time has come

  • Taking a Look at Filibusters

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    Filibusters are quite the conundrum, a pariah of sorts in the realm of U.S. politics, yet an integral part of our body of government. It is imperative that it remains to be kept alive in a warm embrace with the Senate, lest it is reduced to nothing more than a mere accessory to the House of Representatives. By nature, the filibuster is actually a resourceful tactic that utilizes the ideology of free speech to prolong and create an active dialog over legislation or to prevent a measure from being

  • Guy Fawkes Research Paper

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    The tensions between the members of the Church of England and the Catholic Church were amplified by the rulings in the late fifteen hundreds. With the ever changing religious views of the monarchy, the people of England were pulled back and forth with it. So a small group of faithful Catholics decided that extreme measures needed to be taken to change the Monarch back in their favor. Guy Fawkes was part of a small group that tried to blow up Parliament by planting gunpowder under the House of Lords

  • The London Blitz Essay

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    bombers supported by over 600 fighters flew up the Thames and      proceeded to bomb Woolwich Arsenal, Beckton gas Works, a large number of      docks, West Ham Power Station, and then the city, Westminster and Kensington.      They succeeded in causing a serious fire situation in the docks. An area about 1½      square miles between North Woolwich Road and the Thames was almost      destroyed