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  • Erzebet Bathony Essay

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    In 1560 Erzebet Bathory was born into one of the oldest – and wealthiest – families in Transylvania. Her ancestors had assisted Vlad Dracule during his rise to power; other relatives went on to become cardinals, princes, Prime Ministers, and King of Poland. She was a healthy, energetic child, a quality found to be unique for someone of her social status. She was also vain, often boasting of her fresh complexion that she believed was her best feature. Well educated, Erzebet was able to both read and

  • The Palatine Chapel At Aachen

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    The Palatine Chapel at Aachen, Germany is an example of Early Christian medieval architecture and one of the earliest examples of Carolingian architecture. The Palatine Chapel was contrasted between the years of 790 and 805 by architect Odo of Metz. Metz created the chapel for Emperor Charlemagne, who ruled during the second half of the eighth century. Charlemagne was a strong new force that emerged on the continent, and his ruling brought out new ideas, architecture and religion to the people under

  • Elizabeth Bathory: The World's Most Extreme Female Serial Killer

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    Elizabeth Bathory, one of the world’s most extreme and terrifying female serial killers. Many people know her by name or at least know of her crimes. The tales of her obsession with blood and beauty inspired a whole gothic nation to create a new look for an old monster, but what can one say is truth or myth? Who was Elizabeth Bathory and what lead her to kill close to 650 young girls? Elizabeth Bathory, also known by the name Erzsebet, was born on August 7th in the year 1560, to Baron George Bathory

  • Analysis Of Countess Elizabeth 's ' Lady Dracula '

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    Countess Elizabeth “Lady Dracula” Bathory de Ecsed was born on August 7, 1560 in Transylvania, Romania to George Bathory and Anna Bathory. She was born to a very wealthy family that contained powerful people such as cardinals, princes, kings, and prime ministers which gave her the privilege of living in the family castle, Esced. Through her childhood, she was very educated; she was able to learn a few languages such as greek, latin, hungarian, and German. Although she was highly educated, she was

  • Cleft Lip Or Palate Research Paper

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    Cleft and Right The vast majority of people seldom reflect on the possibility of birth defects or malformations in their children. Most will rest easy knowing that their child is healthy and developing normally in the womb because of modern medical advances. However, there is always a risk. Despite the probability being small, there are always risks of complications. Cleft lip or palate affects only 1 in 700 births throughout the entirety of the planet. Clefts are congenital and there are environmental

  • Romulus And Remus Essay

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    built on the Palatine Hill, while Remus wanted it to be built on the Aventine Hill. They opted to using auspices to decide which hill is the most divine hill for their future city. Romulus saw twelve birds while he was on his hill, while Remus only saw six ( However, Remus argued that he saw the birds first, meaning that he should have been the rightful winner. Nevertheless, that did not affect Romulus' decision in any way, for he ended up building his city on the Palatine hill. According

  • Essay Immigration and Language in Call it Sleep

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    Immigration and Language in Call it sleep Immigrant Allegory: Language and the Symbolism of Being Lost The symbolism of being lost is a universal immigrant theme that occurs throughout many immigrant literatures, particularly in Henry Roth’s Call it Sleep. Language, or lack of understanding it, has a profound contribution to the process of being lost. This contribution is shown earlier in the book, in a passage where David is lost trying to find his way home (Passage 1) and is mirrored later

  • Congenital Birth Defect: Cleft Palate Essay examples

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    Cleft palate is a congenital birth defect. Treatment of cleft palate requires the interdisciplinary efforts of a Cleft Palate/Craniofacial team, which includes speech-language pathologists and dentists. Approximately fifty percent of individuals who suffer from cleft palate have been shown to have disorders in speech and/or language, with the potential to benefit from treatment (LeDuc, 2008). Individuals with cleft palate may experience secondary disorders such as feeding and suckling difficulties

  • The Importance Of Fate In The Aeneid

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    Is life pre-ordained? In living, are we consciously making decisions that affect how our lives play out or are people simply characters preforming from a script containing the information of all of time? This concept of destiny verses human agency is a common thread through the epic poem, The Aeneid by Virgil as Aeneas is destined to found Rome, and that Rome that he founds is destined to prevail and be great. In The Aeneid, destiny is inevitable, because fate is inescapable and will come to pass

  • Urinary and Digestive System Case Study Essay example

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    Case Study 20: The Digestive and Urinary Systems 1) Marissa, a newborn with a cleft lip and palate, is the third child of Juan and Maria. Both Juan and Maria are “visually alarmed” at Marissa’s appearance; however, Juan is more distant and reserved. Maria is very concerned with Marissa’s wellbeing and future and seems to take blame for Marissa’s physical condition. 2) The incidence of cleft lip (CL) with or without cleft palate (CP) is approximately 1 in 800 live births. The incidence of CP alone