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  • The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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    Over the years, I have been taught many lessons about writing and literature; one of the most important takeaways from writing and workshop classes was to write now and edit later. That is, do not focus on making each sentence perfect right as it is written and to leave that method for the revising process. But as both a perfectionist and a procrastinator, I have been told I take too much time editing before I have fully written my work. For me, this was a hard lesson to learn and one I am still

  • Reflective Plan Examples

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    My role on the Managing Global Health Challenge Delivery Course will be as follows: · Ensure that each class addresses intended course competencies. Create a working document that highlights the weekly competencies/objectives targets. During each Wednesday weekly meeting, lead a portion of the meeting dedicated to reviewing the competencies and objectives vis-à-vis the content. In the team meeting following a course session, audit each session against this document and record any outstanding competencies

  • Example Of The Hegelian Dialectic

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    many will question your skepticism against the FDA. Why group drugs with food anyway? How calling CNN "fake news" takes away from actual falsities in the media. Fake news referred to news reports that are exaggerated or completely false. (Search Pallywood, Charles Jaco, David Cole or Media Fakery.) Very challenging subjects to discuss with most people. As if the questioning itself is a threat to the story. This is how control ramps