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  • Sexual Harassment Legal Memo

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    4. OVERNIGHT AT PAMPANGA From there on, for at least twice a month, Ray noticed that Leslie would always require him to drive her to Pampanga and would ask him very personal questions during the trip. On one occasion, when Leslie instructed him to stay overnight, she went inside his room, on a nightwear, bringing a wine

  • Descriptive Speech About Pampana

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    know this place, right? Well, to end your curiosity the place is none other than Pampanga. For those who wonder, Pampanga means "pampang" or riverbank. The name was given by the Spaniards because they found the natives of it near them. The province is located in the heart of Central Luzon and bounded by Tarlac and Nueva Ecija— on the north,

  • Case Study for Globe Asiatique

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    It has four loft styles, which are the Podium Loft, the Garden Loft, the Sky Loft, and the Premiere units. In the same year of 2007 and in 2008, GA initiated its two flagship projects in Pampanga, namely Xevera Bacolor and Xevera Mabalacat respectively. Xevera Bacolor is inspired by Spain’s classical architecture. It has transportation terminals and commercial areas, a wet & dry market, a church, a city town hall, a clubhouse with a pool

  • Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference

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    Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference: SM Pampanga versus Robinsons Starmills (Qualitative) The research focuses on the preferences of Kapampangan teens to SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. The group chose to focus on teens (13- 19 years old of both genders) because: (1) they tend to be heavy users of shopping malls (Baker and Haytko, 2000), (2) they spend disproportionately larger money in those in which they have a high degree of interest and involvement (McCasland, 2004), (3) they have

  • Case Study Steakside Restaurant

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    Having an increase in demand indicates that there is an opportunity to offer wide variety of dishes and combo meals. There is also threat to shortage considering that the demand increases. Thus, Steakside regularly monitors their inventory by computing their lead time, reorder point and the safety stock. In this case, they were able to sustain the need of the consumers and refrain from having shortage. Steakside restaurant have suppliers for rice, steak and meat, raw food, vegetables, drinks (such

  • Sexual Harassment Legal Memo

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    Issues / Questions Whether or not the actions of Ms. Leslie Gonzales towards Mr. Ray Garcia establishes an act of sexual harassment. Brief Answer Yes. Ray Garcia may file a sexual harassment complaint against Leslie Gonzales. The actions of Leslie towards Ray may constitute sexual harassment based on the Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 (RA 7877) and in consonance with jurisprudence. Nevertheless, with only the statement of Ray as proof and the lack of witnesses, although the presence of witnesses

  • gawa

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    Chapter 5 Struggle for Rights and Freedom 1. Revolt of Lakandula and Sulayman [1574] Cause: Lavezara’s Reversal of Legazpi’s policy After the death of Legazpi on August 20, 1572, Governor Guido de Lavezaris no longer exempted the native rules and their descendants from paying tribute. He ordered the confiscation of their patrimonial land properties. Because of the new policy, Lakandula and Sulayman decided to rise in arms. Talking advantage of Lim-Ah-Hong’s attack in Manila in 1574, the two

  • Case Analysis

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    CASE NO.1 I. PAMPANGA CEMENT CORPORATION The government had been pushing the Pampanga cement corporation to switch their product into coal. II. SWOT ANALYSIS: Strength: * Can borrow money to bank (DBP/PNB) * Long term experience in business industry Weakness: * Rivalry in the executive position * Conflict with the employee * Financial problem Opportunities: * borrow money from banks * leader of labor union is compadre of atty. Alcantara Threats: * the labor union

  • High School Students : Basis For Intervention Programs

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    Socio-phobic Experiences of High School Students: Basis for Intervention Programs Introduction: It is but a human nature to fear the unknown. It is a reality that man faces in his day-to-day living and sometimes embedded in his life forever. Such fears may lead to anxiety and later on to phobia. Consequently, these anxieties and phobias affect one’s behaviour, outlook in life, process of socialization, and social functioning. With social phobia, a person 's extreme shyness

  • Weimwel Strengths And Weaknesses

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    Competitor SWOT Analyses KIMBEL Kimbel Strengths Weaknesses Product -Offer different kind of bags (Totes, Sling, and Pouch) -Follow new trends -Their bags are spacious, with generous compartment that will help organize your things -The assembly doesn’t outlast the look for the handle - Imitate the designs of signature bags like Louis Vuitton - Their bags are not patented Price Medium size sling bag Php 750 - The handbag with sling costs Php 2,000 which is too expensive Place -Available in all SM