Panorama photography

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  • The Hidden Dimension II By Sarah Choo

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    Art Media at the University College London (Choo, 2014). She is a Multidisciplinary Fine Artist who has won the 3rd edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award during her participation at The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards in 2012 and was awarded with the Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Still Photography Award in 2013 (Choo, 2014). In all her artworks, Choo has reflected upon the socio-cultural norms of the modern society, highlighting relatable moments and characters. She was inspired by Octovio

  • Childhood In The Liars Club, By Mary Karr

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    After reading The Liars Club an autobiography by Mary Karr, my interpretation of the reading is that she is telling her story from her point of view as a child and as an adult, utilizing foreshadowing and vivid imagery. For example, the reading states “My sharpest memory is of a single instant surrounded by dark.” “I was seven, and our family doctor knelt before me where I sat on a mattress on the bare floor” (Karr 3). This passage also brought some significance to the story as discussed in class

  • The Movie ' The Boy 's The Striped Pajamas ' And Of Course The One And Only Alfred Hitchcock

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    create tales that brings a thrill to the viewers in the form of films. And that’s the reason why my team and I chose to do something different with our film and that little uniqueness about our film is the Panoramic style. It’s been a while since a Panorama movie have been made. If you have seen all those western cowboys’ movies like Mackenna 's Gold made in 1969 closely, you will find that the entire movie was made in panoramic style. The plan of this movie Mackenna 's Gold was original to be shown

  • The Use Of Panorama Through History And How It Has Developed

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    exploring the use of panorama through history and how it has developed to form more interesting ideas. When you look at a panoramic picture you get a sense of extension and a sense that your view has opened up and through these senses I’d like to understand how the idea of a panoramic picture came about and what potential it has on moving forward in the future. Old panorama has been achieved through

  • Example Of Manfrotto Tripod

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    or tripods, you must have if you want to explore the many paths of photography. Marketing of modern cameras promises you this world and beyond when it comes to ISO. Many times you’ll also find the suggestion that you do not need a tripod because you can raise your ISO so high that… night becomes day. Or almost. Yes, we’re blessed with high ISO, but does that mean you can take tripods out of your list when it comes to photography? Obviously not. Because, no matter what the marketing tells you, there

  • Persuasive Speech On Gift Hunting

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    The holidays are just around the corner which means the season of gift hunting has started. Just like photography, the art of giving needs inspiration. If you’re having a hard time deciding which photo gadget would make that special photographer in your life happy, search no more. To help you solve this annual gift giving challenge, we've put together 50 creative gifts for photographers. All the inspiration you'll need to pick the perfect gift. In this showcase you’re going to find all sorts of goodies

  • Persuasive Speech: What Makes You Beautiful?

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    images beautifully, both during and after shooting. Besides, we designed a 21mm wide-angle lens for TR15. You can now enjoy photo taking with a group of friends without worrying because it provides wide angle shooting. You can also shoot for slide panorama by using the wide-angle lens. The weight for TR15 is about 170g which is very light to hold when you want to take a

  • The Unique Work of Roy DeCarava

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    his first solo show in 1950. In 1952, Decarava was awarded Guggenheim Fellowship, and was the first African American photographer to receive this grant. In 1955 he founded A Photographer’s Gallery, which was implemented to gain public interest in photography, and eventually closed due to poor sales. He also started a workshop in 1963 specifically for African American photographers. Though he was an acclaimed artist his career as a freelance photographer was never completely stable so he looked for other

  • Survey of Art History

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    Survey of Art History II Man Ray like many other artists did not care to have his personal life shown in his art. He wanted to be viewed and recognized for his work which included sculptures, paintings, and photography. Man Ray was mostly influenced by Stieglitz's photographs. Man Ray used a similar style to Stieglitz. He captured images that created an unvarnished look at the photos' subject. Man Ray discovered a new way to create his photos; by accident in his work room he discovered how to

  • The Relief and Intaglio Printmaking Process

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    Describe the Relief Printmaking process. List an artist who uses the form of printmaking. Refer to this video for more information. The Relief Printmaking process is a printmaking process in which someone covers a block of material, such as wood, in ink. Then they proceed to deeply etch out the inked surface in the form of a design. Once that is done, they lay paper over the block with pressure so that the ink is shared generously all over the paper. When the paper is removed, the design will have