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  • Plant Proteases Advantages

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    applications such as in detergent manufacturing, in medicine, and food science for many years (Siota and Villa, 2010). The most frequently employed plant proteases are papain, bromelain and ficin, although new proteases with new and more appealing physicochemical properties for industry are still emerging. Plant enzymes (such as papain, bromelain, and ficin) have been extensively used as meat tenderizers. New plant proteases such as actinidin and zingibain and microbial enzyme preparations have been

  • What Are The Benefits Of Papaya

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    Nutrients that is used in providing better digestion are Papain, a digestion enzyme; activates a faster protein breakdown and clears out the digestive tract. This makes sure all proteins are converted to the body. Diabetes, Arthritis etc. are due to the incomplete protein digestion. This can be prevented by consuming

  • The Effects of Snails and Elodea in Water on Carbon Dioxide Levels

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    The Effects of Snails and Elodea in Water on Carbon Dioxide Levels Problem: How does varying the type of organism (plant or animal) in the level affect the level of carbon dioxide? Background: This lab is used to test the effect the respiration rates in plants in animals and how it affects the level of carbon dioxide present in the water. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are gases that are vital to all organisms, whether it is given or released through that organism. Both plants and animals

  • Good Digestion Is The Foundation Of Good Health

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    Good digestion is the foundation of good health; for instance, one could theoretically eat a perfect diet and take a multivitamin, but if these nutrients aren’t optimally absorbed all that’s left is wasted time. The stomach isn’t just one giant food processor and storage system, when you really think about it, the stomach is also the barrier between the outside world and your internal physiology. Digestive disorders, treatments, causes, etc. is an expansive topic. For the sake of time, I am going

  • Aging Essay

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    Intrinsic skin aging results from the normal chronological processes that affects all organs during aging and is influenced by numerous factors that change during aging such as decreases in hormonal production [42]. It is well established that decreases in hormonal production results in a loss of moisture in aging skin, with concomitant reduction in elasticity, epidermal atrophy, increased collagen degradation and wrinkling of the skin [43 44]. Adult skin progressively thins at a rate that accelerates

  • Enzyme Lab Using Jello

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    The control of the experiment is water. The positive results are the juices that turned into jelly and the negative results were pineapple and kiwi. 2. Meat tenderizing enzymes are Papain and Bromelain. Both these enzymes are derived from plant sources. Papain is obtained from Papaya and Bromelain is obtained from pineapples. These products are used to tenderize meat because they contain natural enzymes that can denature the protein structures in animals thus making the

  • The Importance Of Catalase

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    An enzyme is a biological catalyst made from proteins. A catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy. Activation energy is the energy required to begin a reaction. They can accomplish this by creating and enzyme-substrate complex which allows the enzyme to have a specialized reaction determined by its shape. Since the enzyme has a specific shape, it only allows for certain substrates to attach and bond to the active site. Any interference, whether it’s a competitive or

  • The Health Benefits Of Papaya

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    Papaya (PawPaw) is a sweet and succulent fruit found in tropical climates around the world. Its health benefits are many; it is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, lycopene, beta-carotene and other vital nutrients. Many cultures successfully use the leaf, seeds, skin and pulp of this miraculous fruit for various diseases, infections and skin conditions. Today, researchers and scientists throughout the medical community are stepping up the investigation into the health benefits of papaya leaf (pawpaw

  • Genetic Makeup In Carnivorous Plants

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    Rae’shawn Bart November,06 2017 What about the Genetic makeup and DNA of a carnivorous plants different from other plants. What makes a carnivorous plant different for starters, for those who don’t know what a carnivorous plant is, it’s a plant that instead of getting nutrients from the soil and absorbing nutrients from water it gets its nutrients from eating things. An example of this would be the Venus fly trap, instead of getting nutrients from the ground it eats fly’s and other insects

  • Physiological And Pathological Systems Within The Circulatory System

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    Redox signalling is an electron transfer process that is crucial in biological systems. Redox signalling is found in many physiological and pathological systems within the circulatory system. Redox signalling is usually induced by an overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can alter the functions of cell processes. Harris,(2012). ROS are radicals that contain one or more unpaired electrons and can be the oxygen radical superoxide or the non-radical hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). ROS can