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  • Analysis : ' Veronica Mars '

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    Inhaling and exhaling a deep breath, Veronica tried to ignore the ticking in her head that counted the seconds she’d been seated at Dominick’s. Her table was a strategic choice; far from, but angled towards, the door- a perfect position to watch for any man that had the slightest potential to be CA152. Talking to a stranger and daring to meet the man and be nervous about it, there was some silliness in that. Waiting at a table alone, with a rose as identification felt completely silly to Veronica

  • Shopgirl Monologue

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    Mondays are her least favorite, they’re usually slow days, slower, anyway, and sometimes just to pick herself up, Veronica liked to stop someplace special on the way home. Take Neptune, California up on what it had to offer her. Going the long way to her car, she stopped at a bakery, just a donut to go, when she saw it across the street. Monstrous and offensive, a brand new superstore going up, one for books- and her chocolate donut with chocolate sprinkles tasted like sweetened ashes. Even now

  • Book Report : ' Thank You '

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    “First of all, thank you all for coming, I felt silly enough preparing a few words, I would’ve felt incredibly silly to have to read it to a room full of only books,” Veronica paused at chuckles, saving a smile across the room for Logan. “Thank you, is actually really the only words I came up with for tonight- regardless of what it says on the covers, books are not written by singular people, books are written by one person having an idea and the time to follow it, with a whole support system behind

  • The Night - Original Writing

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    "It 's been two hours. Maybe she 's in for the night." Logan whined, hopeful and uneasy. They 'd been through a Big Mac each, fries, Doritos, and he 'd had a milkshake she 'd warned against and now knew why. He was thinking tonight was a bust, more than a bust, he reminded himself, because he 'd spent way too much time with Veronica Mars. "Easy, boy, you wanna catch this cheater or don 't you?" Veronica figured she was genuinely asking. She 'd seen the face of her dad 's clients who changed

  • Veronica Mars Alternate Ending

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    “He still has Lilly’s tapes, Logan,” Veronica swallowed the lump in her throat with only mild difficulty, all murderer-type things considered. She still couldn’t breathe normally, just unsure little heaves against his chest; never taking both eyes off Aaron for more than a second. When they started hearing sirens coming, Veronica’s never been more grateful for her father. Ever. Especially now that she’s seen other options out there. Pedophile, murderer… Veronica eyed Aaron, grateful for Logan

  • How Missy 's Car Has A Grey Scratch Like It 's Been Hit By Something Grey

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    "Explain to me how Missy 's car has a grey scratch like it 's been hit by something grey and low profile." Arms folded, even standing while he was sitting Veronica wasn 't much taller than Logan. It was the height, she thought; always made people less afraid of her. If only her parents had given her taller genes. Monday morning came before Veronica had made heads or tails of Missy Blake Missing Persons- or her photography assignment for journalism. She still had seven periods before then,

  • The Breakfast Club Short Story

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    “So I’m hanging there, butt-ass naked, waiting for someone to help me down and no one will, when Veronica just schwing-” Wallace mimed the flipping of a pocket knife, “whips out her little Swiss-Army-Barbie knife and cuts me down from the flagpole. Instant bonding agent.” Laughing, Wallace couldn’t remember the last time he’d had to tell that story; years after the trauma, it actually was pretty funny. “You carried a knife to high school? I’ve never actually been to public school, but it sounds

  • The Importance Of Mother In Life

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    Veronica’s hand was pressed between Celeste’s, and Veronica felt like she was having an honest to god, out of body experience. She was just somewhere else, high above the corner booth of Ruggierio’s, completely out of earshot of the entire conversation she was having with her not-to-be mother-in-law. “You want my engagement ring back,” Veronica stuttered the words out, trying to make sense of the whole scene, trying to call herself back from the faraway void she wished she was in. “You’re

  • James Baldwin 's Sonny 's Blues

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    INTRODUCTION Sonny, from James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues,” is portrayed as a sufferer. He struggles with his stagnation in Harlem, his unfulfilled dreams and the disconnect between himself and his only family, his brother. However, not all hope is lost. He serves as a teacher for others, full of knowledge of how one can truly suffer and still triumph (Norton 47). Only when he is finally able to connect with his brother through music, are his “blues” finally heard and he affirms his individuality

  • The Television Show South Park

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    The difference between the intended meaning of media texts and what the audience actually perceives can be shockingly different. Producers of media can do everything possible to force audiences to experience their work in the way they want them to, but in the end they still take away many different meanings even within the same audience. Stuart Hall outlines this in his encoding and decoding model. One of the most apparent examples of this is the television show South Park. The television show South