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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Parrquet Floor

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    Pros and Cons of Parquet Floors Advantages of Parquet Floors Parquet floors are one of different styles available for designing wooden floors. Parquetry flooring can be considered to be a more specific type of mosaic flooring. In parquetry geometric wooden shapes are used to create patterns on the floor. Hardwood is the category of wood employed for parquetry. Parquet floors are made up of any kind of wood whether it is oak, cherry, walnut, pine etc. The various wooden pieces are often created using

  • What Is Engineered Wood Flooring

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    Q: Will my engineered hardwood flooring fade over time? All hardwood flooring naturally reacts to ambient light as it ages, but direct sunlight exposure can darken or lighten an exposed area. An aluminum oxide finish paired with a UV coating helps slow this shading process. Also be mindful of occasionally moving your furniture and rugs around the room to prevent noticeable spots from forming. Mats and rugs with latex, vinyl or rubber backing also contribute to floor discoloration. Choose an underlay

  • The Sanctuary of the Family Cabin Essay

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    The Sanctuary of the Family Cabin The TV in my room blares the sounds of some show in which I am not even interested. There is too much on my mind for me to worry about the show on television. "I need money. I need a job. My car needs gas. What am I going to do when school starts this fall? My life is going downhill. I need to get away." Just before my mind explodes, my father comes in and says, "Let's go to the cabin." That is exactly what I have needed. My family's cabin has been

  • Examples Of ECERS-R Materials Checklist

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    ECERS-R Materials Checklist In order to ensure materials do not get on the way of your achievement of ECERS-R high scores, the Lead Learn Excel team has put together a checklist and notes for the items and indicators related to materials. Please consider the following: #3. FURNISHING FOR RELAXATION AND COMFORT: • At least two soft cuddly toys in good condition for each child must be freely accessible. • The soft furnishing in the cozy area must allow a child to completely escape the hardness of

  • Short Story

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    transformed into something else entirely. But this morning was too much. I didn’t mean for her to end up in hospital. She was wrong about me, she thought I wasn’t capable of it. So did I. Drip. Drip. Drip. I remember the blood, dripping slowly onto the parquetry. I remember the gasps, the pleas, the screams. I remember the blow that landed Joanna in hospital. When we go home it will be different now. She knows what I can do. She thought that she had me in her control. The few times I had tried to stand

  • Art In Art

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    Throughout history, art has served as a photograph of the past. Art has helped us understand the past and gave us clue on how the people on that era led their life. Art has also helped us understand each era’s beliefs and ideas. From the 400s through the early Renaissance, the majority of art in Europe was rooted in Christianity. However, beginning with the Renaissance, art has become more secular. The transforming power structure of Europe, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment have contributed

  • Art Deco Deco: The Basic Elements Of Art Deco

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    Art Deco Interior Design There is something special about art deco interior design. It just does not seem to want to be defined. The unpredictable collision of completely distinct elements is what encapsulates the marvels of eclecticism. The earth is filled with strange varieties of flora and fauna, vast deserts and diverse rainforests as well as bucolic surroundings and urban landscapes yet its life is sustained and its growth is unceasing. Every little thing in this planet coincides with each

  • Friedrich Wilhelm 's Impact On Education

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    Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel lived from April 21, 1782 to June 21, 1852. He was a German teacher, and he laid out the foundation for modern education. His observations and actions were based on the recognition that all children have different needs and capabilities, which at the time was a milestone in education. Furthermore, he invented the concept of "kindergarten," and he also created the educational toys that are known as Froebel Gifts. Froebel is from Oberweissbach, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

  • Can I Help You?

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    "Can I help you?" she asked cheerfully as she rounded the corner into the long, wide corridor. She came to a complete standstill when she saw the bedraggled man sprawled across her grand-mother 's chaise lounge. He was draped in a languid pose across the antique with one leg actually thrown across the silk seat cushion! Which wouldn 't have been so alarming if the man wasn 't also rain-drenched and muddy. With his back towards her his reposed slouch against the back of the couch morphed into a stiff


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    LITERATIVE REVIEW      The purpose of my literature review is to examine the various therapeutic intervention strategies being administered to adult and children who have perceptual, spacial, gross and fine motor proficient disabilities. Furthermore what approaches appear to be working in their rehabilitation process. adults with perceptual dysfunction secondary to brain injury often includes Occupational therapy has been one of the main therapeutic strategies