Participatory action research

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  • Participatory Action Research Essay

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    Understandings of Participatory Action Research Research is the method of intense enquiry into a particular topic/s. The ethical implications of conduction of research ventures without properly defined values or ethical process allows for the risk of breakdown of research structures and possible legal sanctions. This paper will aim to provide a meaningful, in-depth understanding of the research approach ‘Participatory Action Research’ and its conducive uses in relation to effective implementation

  • Participatory Action Research At A Public New England Middle School Essay

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    the case study about Participatory Action Research (PAR) in a public New England middle school, researchers attempted to implement the PAR approach into a program that moves students who are behind 1 year, at an accelerated rate – 3 years of school over the course of 2 years – allowing them to be in the appropriate grade for their age group. The accelerated program was called Higher Academic Achievement Program (HAAP). Two teachers and their classes participated in the research, taking on the PAR approach

  • Participatory Action Research And Explanation

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    In the reviewed literature, a case is made for participatory action research and explanation given on its composition and on how it enhances the quality of research (Greenwood et al, 1993). They define participatory action research as a type of research that brings together a member of the organization (insider) and an expert research to carry out the research process. Gibbons et al (1994) talks about the knowledge production mode as well as a number of author later (Huff and Huff, 2001; Huff, 2000;

  • Public Health Nursing

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    According to the author, the assumptions to action research prior to the process were mostly based on the perception that of Public Health Nursing as just caring for the sick. The author focuses on nursing roles in providing care to help solve the complex problems that is threatening the southern state of Virginia. However, after carrying out the research on the various evolutionary stages, it was discovered that Public Health Nursing was more than that. Also, the author assumed the need to emphasize

  • Problems Associated With The Researcher

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    concerns (Todres, 2007). Todres (2007) and McCormick (2010) suggest the researcher can remedy this by staying in connection with his or her own ‘felt sense’. On the other hand, words can work between the researcher and the participant in a shared way. Just as words are a bodily experience for the participant, they are for the researcher as well. When words work for the participant, they also work for the researcher not only in deepening the researcher’s understanding, but in becoming aware of

  • Community Revitalization And Unique Change Management Approaches Essay

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    Impact Lufkin: Appreciative Inquiry Research Problem Community revitalization and unique change management approaches used can bring about significant change that can yield extraordinary results to areas for many years to come. The current community change effort, Impact Lufkin, in Lufkin, TX is an example of this type of work in action. The Impact Lufkin group is partnered with the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and is comprised of many community leaders. The goal, as community change implies, is to

  • Article Review: “If I Killed You, I’d Get the Kids: Women’s Survival and Protection Work with Child Custody and Access in the Context of Woman Abuse”

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    and access in the context of woman abuse” (Varcoe & Irwin, 2004, p. 78). Academic and community researchers, including a social action group, collaboratively conducted the entire article in two adjacent suburban communities in Western Canada (Varcoe & Irwin, 2004, p. 78). More so, the data of the research study, which was particularly based on Participatory Action Research, was collected between 2000 and 2002 (Varcoe & Irwin, 2004, p. 78). At the time, the legislation

  • Community Revitalization As A Research Problem Essay

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    Research Problem Community revitalization as a research problem can be an inspiring endeavor. Community revitalization itself and the change management approaches used can bring about significant change that can yield extraordinary results to areas for many years to come. The current community change effort, Impact Lufkin, in Lufkin, TX is an example of this type of work in action. Beames (2016) states that “the Impact Lufkin group was started by the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and is made up of

  • The Qualitative Study Used For The Study Conducted By Oster, Mayan, And Toth

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    exhibited (Barroso & Cameron, 2013, p. 179). The limitation to utilizing this research method in Oster, Mayan, and Toth’s study, which primarily utilized focused ethnographies, is that the researchers may not involve participants from a similar community (2013). In order to address this aspect, the researchers should have conducted a Participatory Action Research (PAR), specifically Community-Based Participatory Research (Barroso & Cameron, 2013, p. 187). Like ethnography, PAR allows the researchers

  • Reflection Paper On Positionality

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    subjectivity in my research. As such, I must understand where my positionality is derived from to ensure that my research remains as “truthful” as possible (Holmes, 20014). I must remain self-conscious about my own views and positions and how they may influence my design, execution and interpretation of the research data findings (Greenback, 2003). Understanding my own positionality further guides me to remain cognizant of it while practicing and sustaining reflexivity throughout my research. Berger (2013)