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  • Canine Parvovirus Type 2 Enteritis

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    Canine Parvovirus Type 2 Enteritis Some pet owners think of their dogs as just a "pet". However, some think of their dog as a fuzzy child and close family member. Either way, every canine deserves proper protective immunizations against diseases that can harm them. The most prevalent, easy to vaccinate against, canine disease seen in America is Parvovirus Type 2 Enteritis. Parvovirus type 2b was first discovered in canines living in Europe in 1976. It took people far too long

  • Essay On Parvovirus

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    Roy Ware Biology 2 Heeney 17 March 2017 Canine Parvovirus A. The causative agent of Canine Parvovirus infection, as the name infers, is a virus. The main source of the virus is the poop of infected dogs. The feces of a dog infected with Parvo can have a very high concentration of viral particles. Susceptible dogs become infected by eating the poop containing the virus. B.History Parvovirus is a relatively new disease that appeared in the late 1970s. It was first recognized in 1978 and spread worldwide

  • Porcine Parvovirus Essay

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    SHORT REPORT Open Access Differential expression of microRNAs in porcine parvovirus infected porcine cell line Xinqiong Li1†, Ling Zhu1,2†, Xiao Liu1, Xiangang Sun1, Yuanchen Zhou1, Qiaoli Lang1, Ping Li1, Yuhan Cai1, Xiaogai Qiao1 and Zhiwen Xu1,2* Abstract Background: Porcine parvovirus (PPV), a member of the Parvoviridae family, causes great economic loss in the swine industry worldwide. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of non-protein–coding genes that play many diverse and complex roles in viral

  • Animal Cruelty Laws Should Be Legal

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    In the following essay, I will debate the issue of animal testing along with the manufacturers whom participate, and provide information for both sides. I will start by presenting some basic animal cruelty laws. The Animal Legal Defense Fund maintains a database of criminal animal cruelty cases in the U.S. reported to our organization. In the last ten years, over 30% of cases that we have tracked involve animal neglect (Animals Neglect Facts). Animal cruelty includes some of the following, torturing

  • Canine Parvovirus Research Papers

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    Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a serious viral disease that targets both young and aged dogs. Most cases typically involve young pups because they are in the process of losing their mother’s immunity and are beginning to develop their own when they encounter the infective virus (Proksch). The antibodies to parvovirus in a pup come from the mother’s colostrum and their half-life is approximately 10 days after birth (1). It is common belief that adult canines are immune due to “age-reduced susceptibility

  • Parvovirus B19 : A Case Report And Review Of The Literature

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    Parvovirus B19 in a renal allograft: A case report and review of the literature. Oramas DM., Patel T., Setty S., Yeldandi V., Cabrera Abstract: Parvovirus B19 infection in solid organ transplanted recipient is an underdiagnosed entity. It is usually responsible for unexplained acute and chronic red blood cell aplasia not responding to erythropoietin therapy. Cases of Parvovirus B19 infection associated with pancytopenia, solid organ dysfunction, and allograft rejection have been also described

  • Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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    When it comes to the topic of preventing and treating diseases in humans, most of us will readily agree that animal testing is a great way to go about testing our products. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of does animal testing effectively allow humans to move forward in life, allowing us to live a long and healthy life. Whereas some are convinced that animal testing isn’t effective, animals having lived in a completely different environment are more immune to diseases

  • Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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    Did you know that in the United States alone 26 million animals are used in testing each year? Did you know the Federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) does not protect 95% of animals in experiments and testing and that over 97 thousand animals that experience pain are not given drugs to ease the pain? That the United States and Gabon are the only two countries that allow testing on chimpanzees? Animal testing has been used worldwide and for many different matters, but does the use of it really help and

  • Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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    For many years there has been a debate whether animal testing should be banned or continued. Many scientists believe that a human’s life is superior to an animal’s life. Others, like me, believe that animal testing is good for medicine use and not cosmetics. In my prospective, as well as many others will agree, beauty is far less important than a living creature. For centuries now, animal testing has helped scientist develop new cures for diseases, health conditions and even the development of new

  • Canine Parvo Research Paper

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    Canine Parvovirus can be a deadly disease in dogs. Researchers have learned that humans and cats can also get Parvo. Parvovirus appears not to be as deadly to humans as it appears in dogs and cats. Be careful to keep away of any animals or humans that appear to be sick. Make sure to also keep the household and yards clean, the only household cleaner that will get rid of the parvovirus is bleach. Scientists prove that there may not be a true cure for parvo but it can be prevented and well treated